GExperts Formatter features you didn’t know about

I am sure you did not know about these features (I had forgotten about them myself): You can save your own custom configuration as FormatterSettings-<YourName>.ini into the GExperts installation directory. After you did that, you can select this configuration in the same way you can the preinstalled configurations. If you want to format a unit … Continue reading GExperts Formatter features you didn’t know about

Using dBase

I recently needed to do some table manipulation with Visual dBase. Not being an expert with this program (I usually write tools for that purpose in Delphi using the BDE or tdbf), I had to look up quite a few commands. Here are the links that proved useful: Beginners’ Corner — Part 2: The dBASE … Continue reading Using dBase

Storing gnugettext translations as resources

I always wondered why the assemble tool in dxgettext appends the translation files directly to the executable rather than using the existing mechanism of resources. This is no longer necessary. I have updated the gnugettext code to optionally use RCDATA resources named after the files. So you e.g. create a translations.rc file as LOCALE_DE_DEFAULT RCDATA … Continue reading Storing gnugettext translations as resources

setfacl woes

Ever since I switched my Linux server to using ACLs (access control lists) for advanced access rights management I have struggled with rights being set too restrictive on new directories and files. Now it seems that I have solved the issue and this post is meant to remind me how to change the whole directory … Continue reading setfacl woes