Install Delphi Packages from commandline

After I had to install the gazillion jvcl packages into my Delphi IDE manually again (Yes, I know it comes with an installer, I have got my reasons not to use it.), I finally grew tired of this and wrote this tool:

dzPackageInst is a command line program for installing designtime packages into Delphi IDEs. It supports Delphi 6 up to Delphi XE6.


dzpackageinst --delphiversion=7 dcltdbf70.bpl

Installs the tdbf design time package for Delphi 7 into the ide.

It can also uninstall packages:

dzpackageinst --uninstall --delphiversion=7 dcltdbf70.bpl

And if the package uses the default naming convention, that is a suffix that corresponds to the compiler version, it can guess the Delphi version to which the package belongs, so this will also work:

dzpackageinst dcltdbf70.bpl

That’s it. (If you want more functionality, there is a similar tool called Delphi Package Installer which has a lot more features.)

You can find the sources (Delphi 2007) for dzPackageInst in the subversion repository on SourceForge. If you use a normal checkout, the required libraries will also be checked out as svn:externals.

A pre built executable is also available