The Delphi Pipe

The Delphi Pipe has been discontinued due to privacy concerns. Sorry about that.

The Delphi Pipe is an RSS feed that combines other RSS feeds from various Delphi blogs.

Many of these are also on Delphi Feeds or begin end and there are probably many interesting feeds that are still missing. If you want to add a feed, please contact me via The Delphi Pipe community on Google+ or post a comment to the announcement on Google+. I promise to do my best to maintain the pipe, but that doesn’t mean that I will respond immediately. Note, that I will include only feeds of pages that are written in English.

The Delphi Pipe

Originally, The Delphi Pipe was using Yahoo Pipes, but unfortunately Yahoo has turned off the pipe service, so the original Delphi Pipe no longer works. This new feed uses WP RSS Aggregator.

Here is the current content:

removed due to privacy concerns.