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Since Google is shutting down Google+ and the Yahoo mailing list does no longer accept my emails, I have been looking for an alternative which will hopefully be available for a bit longer this time.

There is now a GExperts sub forum in the brand new English Speaking Delphi Praxis forum. Everybody is invited to sign up and participate.

Please note that my preferred way for getting bug reports and feature requests is still a ticket on SourceForge.

Here is the current content of the forum’s RSS feed

  • GExperts 1.3.18 experimental twm 2021-02-21 released
    on 2021-02-21 at 14:55

    COVID-19 got us all down a bit and even with the vaccines theoretically available now, the light at the end of the tunnel seems very far away. My own turn for a jab will probably not come before fall 2021, so I can only hope that summer will reduce the infection rates as much as it did last year, but the new mutants that spread around the world definitely aren’t good news.   Maybe I can lighten up your mood a bit with a new GExperts release. There are a few bug fixes and an also a few new features in the new version, but nothing really exciting.   read on in the blog post.

  • Gexpert compile under Delphi 10.4
    on 2021-02-18 at 19:17

    Hi,   I can compile the Standard Gexpert Project. But with the StandAlone projects I have Problems Code Formatter, Code Librarian and Debug Window I also can compile   The other Standalone programs I can't compile   Der Buildvorgang wurde am 18.02.2021 20:05:20 gestartet. Projekt "f:\GExpress_SVN\Projects\StandAlone\Grep\DelphiXx104\GExpertsGrep.dpro j" auf Knoten "1", rebuild Ziel(e). f:\GExpress_SVN\Projects\StandAlone\Grep\DelphiXx104\GExpertsGrep.dproj(106,5):  error MSB4019: Das importierte Projekt "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2. 0.50727\Borland.Delphi.Targets" wurde nicht gefunden. Vergewissern Sie sich, da ss der Pfad in der <Import>-Deklaration korrekt und die Datei auf dem Datenträg er vorhanden ist. Die Erstellung des Projekts "f:\GExpress_SVN\Projects\StandAlone\Grep\DelphiXx1 04\GExpertsGrep.dproj" ist abgeschlossen, rebuild Ziel(e) -- FEHLER. Fehler beim Buildvorgang. "f:\GExpress_SVN\Projects\StandAlone\Grep\DelphiXx104\GExpertsGrep.dproj" (rebu ild Ziel) (1) ->   f:\GExpress_SVN\Projects\StandAlone\Grep\DelphiXx104\GExpertsGrep.dproj(106,5😞 error MSB4019: Das importierte Projekt "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v 2.0.50727\Borland.Delphi.Targets" wurde nicht gefunden. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass der Pfad in der <Import>-Deklaration korrekt und die Datei auf dem Datentr äger vorhanden ist.   and similar Errors   Does anybody has solved this issues?   best regrads   Torsten

  • About GExperts / some frequently asked questions
    on 2020-12-24 at 10:18

    What is GExperts? GExperts is a plugin for the Delphi IDE that adds many enhancements and also fixes some bugs.   Which Delphi versions are supported? By the time of this writing GExperts supports Delphi 6 to 10.4 (with the exception of Delphi 8). GExperts releases always support/require the latest update for each Delphi version available at the time of the release.   Where can download it? There is a link to downloads for the current and older releases on   I found a bug, what do I do? Please file a bug report. If you happen to have already fixed this bug, please also attach a patch or an archive with the changed source files.   I have a brilliant idea for an improvement. What do I do? Please file a feature request.   I have added some improvement to GExperts. Where can I submit it? Please also file a feature request and attach a patch or an archive with changed source files.   Why shouldn't I report bugs an request features through this forum? I prefer to work on the actual program rather than being my own secretary. Taking posts from the forum and create the bug reports / feature requests is boring and time consuming work. I don’t want to do that work.   Where is the source code? See compiling your own DLL.   Why is GExperts still on SourceForge rather than on Github like all the other important projects? I happen to like SubVersion better than Git. Github does not support SubVersion (apart from a bridge with limited features).   What if I have a question not covered in this list? There is a more comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on my homepage Additional questions can of course be asked in the forum.

  • Where to report bugs or feature requests? Or how to make pull request?
    on 2020-12-22 at 07:13

    Fast search did not give me any help for this. Is this OK place for feature requests/ bugs or is there better place?     -Tee- PS. Oh, seems to be SourceForge, maybe? Which is not super nice, but It'll do if that is preferred place 🙂

  • Project Backup - Include HTML Files
    on 2020-12-15 at 21:19

    Hi,   With TMS Web Core integrating into the IDE for web-applications, when backing up a web-project, GExperts currently backs up the HTML-file for the project, but not the HTML-files associated with any forms in the web-project.   Can the Project Backup functionality please be extended to also include the forms' HTML-files in the zip-file?   Thanks in advance.   Regards,   Roland Skinner  

  • Grep broken in SVN after rev. 3383
    on 2020-12-01 at 15:20

    Hello Thomas, I would just like to notice that the "Grep" expert is no longer available due to some changes in SVN rev. 3383 ff. The defined hotkey does nothing, and the menu item is gone. The new Grep submenu has "show Grep results", but no "Grep search".

  • GExperts config
    on 2020-11-25 at 11:28

    Pressing escape anywhere on the config window closes the form automatically losing every changes. <o>

  • GExperts menu too long
    on 2020-11-25 at 11:21

    I just installed GExperts for D2007 as there is no code-formatter out of the box and saw that the GExperts menu is taller as my screen. Just saying.

  • Crash starting delphi 10.4.3
    on 2020-11-20 at 16:21

    Just installed GExperts 1.3.17 in Embarcadero® Delphi 10.4 Version 27.0.37889.9797 i.e Sydney with Patch 3. Starting Delphi now throws the following error. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling (same issue). Tried manually running the ExpertManager.exe - gives same error.    --------------------------- Expertmanager: ExpertManager.exe - Entry Point Not Found --------------------------- The procedure entry point @Deskform@TDesktopForm@AdjustLastLoadedBounds$qqrv could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files (x86)\GExperts for RAD Studio 10.4\GExpertsRS104.dll.  --------------------------- OK    ---------------------------

  • Cannot install GExperts in Delphi 10.3
    on 2020-11-18 at 18:07

    Hi all,   I used regularly and without any problem GExperts in Delphi 10.2 on a Win 10 Pro PC. After upgrading Delphi to 10.3 and uninstalled previous GExperts release for D 10.2, I successfully installed the latest GExperts release. Now I get the following errors messages when I launch Delphi. They are translated from Italian, so maybe they are not exactly as should be in a Win 10 English PC.   'Impossible to find the procedure entry point @System@Classes@TFieldCache@bcctr$qqrv in dynamic link library C:\Program Files (x86)\GExperts fror RAD Studio 10.3\GExpertsRS103.dll' I click 'Ok' in the dialog window, then another message appears: 'Could not find Wizard, 'C:\Program Files (x86)\GExperts fror RAD Studio 10.3\GExpertsRS103.dll'. I click 'Ok' again and Delphi loads regularly.   GExpertsRS103.dll is in C:\Program Files (x86)\GExperts fror RAD Studio 10.3\ directory. I tried also to install all the previous GExperts releases compatible with Delphi 10.3 but the errors are the same.   Launching ExpertManager.exe I get another error: 'Exception in module ExperetManager.exe at 0005BC60. Could not load library GExpertsRS103.dll.'   I haven't tried yet to uninstall and reinstall Delphi given all the third part extensions/components. Before doing this, any hint to solve the situation?   Thanks in advance.

  • Feature request: remember debugger exception dialog size
    on 2020-11-13 at 03:06

    Could we please have this dialog remember its size after changing it? Right now it doesn't, and thus half of the text is obscured the next time the dialog pops up. 🙂    

  • Feature Request for String Paste As
    on 2020-11-11 at 10:22

    Hello!   Would be nice to have an type "%s +" in the PasteAs options for SQL statements. There is not neccessary to include any linebreak in the string itself, only in the Pascal source. LSQL := 'SELECT * ' + 'FROM myTable ' + 'WHERE myCol=1 ' + 'ORDER BY id DESC'; Please note the space prior to the closing quotemark in each line.   Greetz Cody

  • Grep problem in 10.4.1
    on 2020-11-06 at 06:07

    The above image is what my Grep results window looked like after compiling version 1.3.17 and using it for a while in Delphi 10.4.1. After reading and trying suggestions in the discussion about the Grep window being blank and nothing working, I went into the GExpert's registry entries and discovered the value "ContextHeightPercent" was set to 125. Reducing the value under 100 fixed the problem. My guess is after checking the check box "Save context display (fixed) height", something caused the Context section to get set above 100% and from then on nothing would allow me to set it lower. I did not look at the code, but I would think it needs some logic to keep the context section from going over some value less than 100% to keep it from covering over all the other components.

  • function reference feature for Delphi source code
    on 2020-10-28 at 13:49

    is it possible to tweek the GExpert tool to search in the background for all function/procedure references and paint the result count on the source editor window like the attached picture?   the Grep search feature now works great and it already has the functionality to jump  to other files.   so my proposition is to make the Grep search for all functions/procedure references that are found on the project path and lib path and the standard paths. then paint the count like visual studio is doing. and when the user clicks on the count the grep window is shown, and in future iteration it can be enhanced to show the implementation where the reference directly.   This is just an idea that I had after spending an hour to locate all the references of a function in a large project.  

  • GExperts 1.3.17 experimental twm 2020-10-23 released
    on 2020-10-23 at 16:08

    Guess what? The new GExperts release is here. There are lots of bug fixes and a few new features in the new version.

  • Does Filter Exceptions make Delphi to steal focus
    on 2020-10-15 at 04:58

    I am not 100% sure is it Filter Exceptions, but I'll filter quite a lot expected exceptions in unit tests, and can't do anything while it is running because Delphi keeps up jumping in front of everything all the time.   Can someone confirm this? (or debunk my theory 🙂  ) . I'll look into it, if I can temporarily disable it (Have not checked yet, had to write this message so I do not forget)   -Tee-

  • Feature Request: Be able to use keyboard shortcut SHIFT+ESC
    on 2020-10-12 at 17:57

    It would be benificial for me if I could use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+ESC for key mapping of Experts functions.   Today in GExperts if I press the SHIFT+ESC for a keyboard shortcut as soon as I press the ESC key, the keyboard shortcut input field is cleared.   What I trying to map is the expert Reselect Desktop to the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+ESC.   PS. I tried to change the registry value below but got the effect that pressing SHIFT+ESC as well as ESC       triggered Release Desktop. But I want that only the SHIFT+ESC should trigger.         Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\21.0\GExperts-1.3\ExpertsShortcuts       Value: ReselectDesktop = 201b (hex)   PPS. When I start by holding down the SHIFT key, the keboard shortcut input field say ALT. Guess there is a thought         and purpose behind this behaviour.

  • Delphi's code formatter vs. GExperts' code formatter
    on 2020-10-04 at 10:33

    When I see formatting like this (generated by the Delphi formatter, if "Keep user line breaks" is turned on): type TSomeRecord = record a, b, { bla } c, d: integer; end; I wonder whether the Delphi formatter is based on DelForExp like GExperts'. But in the latter this bug has been fixed: type TSomeRecord = record a, b, { bla } c, d: integer; end;   On the other hand, this is an interesting formatting: type TSomeRecord = record a, b, // bla c, d: integer; end; This was generated by the Delphi formatter from this input, with the default setting "Keep user line breaks" turned off: type TSomeRecord = record a, b, // bla c, d: integer; end; It would never have occurred to me.

  • What's the correct way to free an object in C++Builder?
    on 2020-09-30 at 15:21

    I got a bug report that the C++ code generated by the Components to Code expert to free a component is wrong.   Currently it generates this: TEdit *Edit1; Edit1 = new TEdit((TComponent *)NULL); Edit1->Name = "Edit1"; Edit1->Parent = ParentPanel; Edit1->Left = 56; Edit1->Top = 8; Edit1->Width = 121; Edit1->Text = "Edit1"; delete[] Edit1; According to David G. Hoyle it should be done like this: delete Edit1; but according to the bug report it should be: Edit1->Free(); I tend to believe Dave, but since I don't do any C++ Builder programming, I don't know which syntax is correct.

  • GExperts Version 1.3.16 dialogs does not consider/set theme when undocked
    on 2020-09-30 at 05:57

    If I run Delphi 10.4.1 using the dark theme and have GExperts dialog Grep Results dialog undocked it is colored in white.   If I dock the Grep Results dialog it turns to black/dark though.   PS. All dialogs in GExperts seems to lean towards having a "white/light theme". Maybe the behaviour in this issue is "by design".

 Posted by on 2018-10-27 at 13:57