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Since Google is shutting down Google+ and the Yahoo mailing list does no longer accept my emails, I have been looking for an alternative which will hopefully be available for a bit longer this time.

There is now a GExperts sub forum in the brand new English Speaking Delphi Praxis forum. Everybody is invited to sign up and participate.

Please note that my preferred way for getting bug reports and feature requests is still a ticket on SourceForge.

Here is the current content of the forum’s RSS feed

  • Testing needed
    on 2018-11-11 at 16:17

    Hi,   I just added workarounds for both issues described in bug #86. I need some testers. It works for me but might not work for others.   Requirements: Has Delphi 10.2 Uses the Dark Theme (or any custom theme) Must compile GExperts from the current sources.   twm &nbs […]

  • Theming in the IDE
    on 2018-11-04 at 11:07

    The theming stuff in the IDE is really a pain in the lower back. It not only broke the menus in the dockable GExperts windows (e.g. Grep Result), it also breaks the extensions to the Search Path dialog. 😞   Apart from that there are several dialogs that were apparently overlooked for theming, e.g. the Build Events dialog.   I wonder whether the same problem exist in Delphi 10.3. It's probably pointless asking anybody in the beta program to test it because they would not be allowed to tell me... […]

  • Set Tab Order expert
    on 2018-11-01 at 10:25

    The Set Tab Order Expert has two modes, the first one is simple: It displays a tree view of the currently selected control and allows you to move child controls by dragging them to other positions or using the new (since last weekend) buttons to move them up or down.   The second mode is more complex: If you have selected more than one control (which must share the same parent), they are listed in the reverse(!) order in which you selected them. After you press OK, their tab order will be changed to that order.   I didn't even know about this second mode until I just now found that code and read up on it in the documentation. Now I wonder whether it is a bug that the reverse order is being used. I think it's counter intuitive. If I want to set the tab order of controls, I would normally select them in the order I want the tab order to be.   Is that just me? Do you use that functionality?   (I am aware that CnPack does it very differently (and I like that approach up to a point) but that's not the topic here.) […]

  • Fix for bug #43 GExperts 1.38 for RX10.2 (Tokyo) blocks using Shift-Shift in CLCL
    on 2018-10-29 at 16:12

    This one just got fixed:   bug#43 GExperts 1.38 for RX10.2 (Tokyo) blocks using Shift-Shift in CLCL   The fix might also affect other programs that install a global keyboard hook in Windows.   Last GExperts version that works: 2.38-2016-06-05 First GExperts version that doesn't work: 2.38-2016-10-03   The change which caused behaviour was in eChangeCase.pas.   Calling CallNextHookEx from the installed keyboard hook fixed the problem. If everything else fails, read the doc! 😞 […]

  • New GExperts Feature: Favorites menu
    on 2018-10-27 at 12:59

    I have stolen yet another idea for a new GExperts feature, this time from Dave Nottage‘s Codex Delphi Expert. (But the code is all mine, including any bugs you might experience.) It’s the Favorites sub menu in the File menu: The content of this sub menu… […]

  • Welcome to the GExperts subforum
    on 2018-10-26 at 18:24

    Thanks to @Daniel for making this happen so fast.   I hope this forum will serve as a replacement for the G+ community and the mailing list. There should be a RSS feed for it and Google (and other search engines) will index it.   Please post bug reports and feature requests as tickets on source forge. […]