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Since Google is shutting down Google+ and the Yahoo mailing list does no longer accept my emails, I have been looking for an alternative which will hopefully be available for a bit longer this time.

There is now a GExperts sub forum in the brand new English Speaking Delphi Praxis forum. Everybody is invited to sign up and participate.

Please note that my preferred way for getting bug reports and feature requests is still a ticket on SourceForge.

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  • How should spaces after a comment be handled by the formatter
    on 2022-10-01 at 10:38

    There are currently some unit tests for the GExperts code formatter that fail. It all depends on how spaces after comments {comment} or (*comment*) are handled.   A How should the code formatter handle the following code: procedure bla; begin {some comment} SomeStatement; end; A1 Keep the space after the comment: procedure bla; begin   {some comment} SomeStatement; end; A2 Remove the space after the comment: procedure bla; begin   {some comment}SomeStatement; end;   B what about this code: procedure bla; begin {some comment}SomeStatement; end; B1 should the formatter leave it as is? B2 should it insert a space, so it gets changed into: procedure bla; begin   {some comment} SomeStatement; end;   C what about this code with multiple spaces after the comment: procedure bla; begin {some comment} SomeStatement; end; C1 should the formatter remove the spaces: procedure bla; begin {some comment}SomeStatement; end; C2 or should it reduce them to one space: procedure bla; begin {some comment} SomeStatement; end; C3 or should it leave them as them as they are: procedure bla; begin {some comment} SomeStatement; end;   The current code will always remove the spaces, so its A2, B1 and C1.   I'm tending towards keeping the number of spaces as they are, that would be A1, B1 and C3.   I'm definitely not going to make this configurable. I wouldn't even know how to describe this configuration option.

  • All known Generics bugs fixed in GExperts code formatter
    on 2022-09-28 at 16:48

    I have just finished fixing all known bugs in the GExperts code formatter that were related to Generics. On top of that I fixed a few others. I am sure there are still more though, but because I rarely use Generics I haven’t seen them yet. So I need your help: If you have a lot of source code with Generics, please compile a new DLL and try the formatter on that code. Report any bugs on SourceForge.

  • Change order of experts in GExperts Expert Manager
    on 2022-09-28 at 09:11

    Prompted by a post on Delphi Praxis, I just added a new feature to the Expert Manager expert in GExperts (lots of experts here 😉) :  It can now change the order in which the experts are loaded into the IDE.   read on in the blog post

  • Change the order of loading??
    on 2022-09-16 at 22:32

    Would it be possible for the Expert Manager to change the order of loading of Experts? I ask this in the suspicion that the order of loading will dictate which Expert functionality/hotkey will have priority.   Ian

  • Grep Alt-F7/8 disable builtin shortcuts for message window
    on 2022-09-09 at 08:23

    The Alt-F7/8 shortcuts for moving through compiler messages don't work for me anymore (since some time already). I suspect these GExperts shortcuts to be the culprits: Can anybody confirm the issue? 

  • Ctrl-Alt-F sometimes doesn't
    on 2022-09-06 at 06:40

    Hi Team, D11.1, latest GExperts, Win 11. Sometimes the Ctrl-Alt-F hot key sequence calls the Delphi DebugFPUCommand, and other times it does what I want, calls the GExpertsToolsEditorExportCodeFormatter. What dictates which will be called and when??   Regards, Ian  

  • wuppdi import
    on 2022-08-20 at 12:16

    @baka0815 I would like to discuss the patch for GExperts you put on SourceForge. I think this forum is better suited for that discussion than a bug report on SourceForge.   For everybody else: The patch adds a menu item to the GExperts Favorite Files expert to import the favourites from the wuppdi welcome page. It does that by reading the ini file that wuppdi uses to store its configuration. The user has to select that file and after a confirmation the entries are imported and replace the current configuration.   You requested feedback, so here we go (I'll start with some problems I found and will offer some suggestions) : Your patch did not compile with Delphi 2007 (and anything older) because scoped enums were introduced at some later time. That was easy to fix by simply removing the scope. After that change it compiled and worked It created a new menu item with an associated event rather than using an action as all the other menu items on that form do. I changed that. The file select dialog does not open to %appdata%\embarcadero\bds but only puts that into the filename edit. After pressing enter that directory was shown. In my opinion it should open to the directory that is used by wuppdi in the version of the IDE it runs on, for Delphi 10.2 that would be "%appdata\emvarcadero\bds\19.0", and it should preselect wuppdiwp.ini Overwriting the existing configuration might be fine for people who have used wuppdi and never used the GExperts Favorite Files expert. Others will probably not want to overwrite their configuration, so I think the import should offer to create a folder "wuppdi" with the new entries. If somebody continues to use wuppdi he probably doesn't want to import these entries every time he changes his favourites. Maybe having an option to automatically replace the GExperst favorites with the ones from wuppdi would be a good idea. Nobody wants to maintain such lists in parallel. Alternatively […]

  • GExperts errors when exiting Delphi.
    on 2022-08-15 at 17:55

    When i close Delphi i get a list of 30 or more error screens regarding GExperts.  Here is a screenshot of just one of the screens.  Notice it says 'expert 1'.  As i click OK the next error will be 'expert 2', then 'expert 3', etc... up through 40 or so error screens.   Each of the Error Screens always displays the same 'Read of address xxxxxxxxx'.   I can uninstall, and reinstall GExperts and it will work a time or two and then start giving these errors.  I always have to end-task on Delphi.   Its worth noting that i don't have GExperts Toolbar in my IDE along the top of the Editor Window.  It is a default installation where i get to the GExpert features from its own Menu in Delphi.   I installed GXRS10.4_1.3.21_experimental-twm_2022-04-09.exe  then downloaded the code to bring the build up to 3853 fix the case-sensitivity issue.   Perhaps there is a different/newer combination i could use that might solve the problem.   Any thoughts on what it could be?    

  • Limit 10.4.2 IDE to one instance
    on 2022-08-07 at 01:52

    Apologies, and maybe it's staring me in the face, but I cannot find it.   The help file shows the headings, but there is no detail on the RHS of the page, it's blank, so that's of no use. This is what it looks like.     Regardless, I just want to be able to limit the instances of the IDE running to 1. I'm using 10.4.2 Community edition. GExperts is installed. I've been all over it and cannot find where the checkbox is to limit the number of instances to 1.   Again, apologies if it's obvious, just not obvious to me.   Kevin

  • Converting a very long text to concatenated strings?
    on 2022-08-04 at 10:44

    I have a very long HTML code text in the clipboard (<HTML>...</HTML>) without line-ends which I want to convert into a string constant in the Editor. If I use any of the GExperts string converters, I get the Compiler error message "Line too long". So how can I convert-split this very long clipboard string into concatenated strings of fixed maximal length suitable for a string constant, e.g.:   const MyHTML = '<HTML> ...' + '...' + '...' + ... '...</HTML>';  

  • RADStudio 11.1 and GExperts
    on 2022-07-27 at 16:50

    I have two issues with GExperts and RADStudio 11.1    1. Startup time with GExperts it is much, much, much longer if GExperts is installed and it "stops" during the splash screen is showing GExperts   2. Missing IDE Context Menu I tried it already several times and today ones more, with the current version from SF and fresh built and installed GExperts, I do not get the IDE Editor Context Menu at all. if I add MMX I get one line "MMX Commands" Without GExperts and Delphi "only" or with Delphi and MMX I have the full context menus. Beside from GExperts and MMX I use only JCL and JVCL and the Parnassus Tools.   Any hints?

  • Gexpert is crashing after uninstalling and reinstalling Delphi (keeping Reg settings)
    on 2022-07-22 at 09:34

    Hello,   Just to let you know. Each time I install a Delphi Update, I'm getting this error:     Steps: Download new Delphi web installer Run Delphi web installer Installer ask uninstalling previous delphi version. Keep registry settings and proceed Installer uninstall delphi Installer display install option (which platform to install + add. options" When installer is over, you are invited to click the "Begin work" (or something similar) Installer is closing and running Delphi IDE Act: Exception is displayed   Thanks

  • Format source with tabs
    on 2022-07-13 at 08:14

    I am not familiar with the GExperts formatter, never used it before. Is it true that it is hard-wired to always use spaces for indentation?    I only found an option to set "Spaces per Indent".     Many thanks in advance.

  • GExperts Toolbar Dark Mode
    on 2022-06-28 at 21:32

    Can you tell me what the name of the GX_<filename>.pas that contains the toolbar icons?  I'm trying to modify the code to give me a Dark Mode look in Sidney 10.4?

  • Appreciate the 'extra mile'..
    on 2022-05-29 at 21:20

    Hi Thomas, I very much appreciate your heads up in the build script for D2007 in regard to the missing 'Borland.' files when Win 11 updates, and the provisioning of said files.  It has saved my bacon several times recently. 🙂   Regards, Ian

  • New GExperts under Delphi 7
    on 2022-04-29 at 10:25

    Hi,   We still use Delphi 7 i in my company and with all new versions of GExperts we have a problem with Uses Clause Manager (and propably with some others functions that modify the code). Delphi 7 doesn't use UTF8 in files but offten may contains charachters which look like UTF8 (are great than 127) for example national signs in comments (in our case, Polish). The changes that were added to UTF8 support for Delphi 8 and up do not work well under previous versions of Delphi (the text is pasted in the wrong place). I fixed it and in the attachment is the patch file. Maybe you will include it in one of the next versions.   Thanks GX_OtaUtils.pas.patch

  • Some grep related problems
    on 2022-04-19 at 12:53

    1. Is it possible to persistently hide history pane in grep results? I am not sure but I think I remember that some time ago it was possible. Anyway, now (since version 1.3.20) I am not able to achieve that 😕 Deselecting 'View -> History list' checkbox does not work because, from time to time, the pane is showing anyway. Of course, when it happens, the checkbox is checked. I hope I not need to mention that I don't turn on this checkbox myself;) 2. Almost everytime I use grep for searching some (any?) string in all files in project group (maybe it also happens with other settings but I did not check it) I got 'Out of memory' error. The situation happens regardless of whether there is, or not, free memory. Followed grep options are checked: Whole word, Search form files, All file in project group, Parse map file and all options in Delphi Code Content Types and Delphi Code Sections.   Can anyone confirm these problems?   PS. Delphi XE4, GExperts 1.3.21

  • GExperts 1.3.21 experimental twm 2022-04-09 released
    on 2022-04-09 at 13:17

    You may remember that I was forced to reduce GExperts support for Delphi 6 a while ago, because the IDE no longer started on my computer. It turns out that it was a GExperts bug after all.   The fix was simple once I knew what the problem was. And I only found out because carrchri, one of the few GExperts for Delphi 6 users, debugged it and told me. Thanks a lot!   When I was able to use the Delphi 6 IDE again I also fixed incompatibilities in the DFMs that prevented some of the dialogs open in Delphi 6.   So here is a new release. Apart from these two Delphi 6 related bug fixes there are some improvements ... read on in the blog post.

  • Feature Request #93
    on 2022-04-08 at 09:40

    Hi @dummzeuch,   in case you missed it, I submitted a patch file for FR #93 on the SF repository.   Best regards, Thomas

  • Windows has broken it - again.
    on 2022-04-03 at 20:34

    Hi Team, Windows 11 64bit.  Latest Dev update. Just downloaded and tried to install GE rev 3826 for D2007. Got this... Quote [D:\GExperts\Projects\Delphi2007]__build_project DelphiPath: "C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0\" TCC: D:\GExperts\buildtools\doGetDelphiPath.cmd [116]  Missing SETLOCAL DelphiPath: "C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0\" Setting environment for using CodeGear RAD Studio tools ERROR: The Delphi 2007 installation is broken. The file Borland.Delphi.Targets is missing from C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 This happens after every major Windows update. You can fix this by copying the files from D:\GExperts\buildtools\dotNET2007 the the directory stated above. See for some more details. Press any key when ready... Press any key when ready... Following the link, thanks Thomas, it looks like Windows has struck again.. Will follow the instructions and see how it goes.   Ian

 Posted by on 2018-10-27 at 13:57