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For a while I have been offering experimental versions of GExperts. These versions are always based on the current SubVersion repository code of the GExperts project. In addition to the normal functionality they include the code formatter formerly known as DelForEx (link to archive.org, original no longer available). The code has kindly been donated by Egbert van Nes.

Apart from integrating it into GExperts I have also done a lot of cleanup and bugfixing to the formatter code. It also knows some of the “new” (with Delphi 200x) language constructs. Also, this version tries to preserve the bookmarks and breakpoints (which unfortunately does not always work).

The code formatter is no longer the only enhancements I have added to GExperts. There are quite a few, not just improvements and bugfixes for existing experts but also several new experts and IDE enhancements. I have tried to collect and document them on the GExperts documentation page.

NOTE: As of 2016-05-07 I am providing installers for each supported Delphi versions. For instructions on how to install the older archives, see below the links.

Download latest test release:
GExperts 1.38 experimental twm 2018-03-31

Download current release:

GExperts 1.38 experimental twm 2017-03-19

A very much untested version for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo is here

If you want to say thank you for my work, check out the donations page.

Older versions:

even older versions are available from my old home page.

Source Code:

Several people have asked me to provide the source code. It has always been available from the GExperts SubVersion repository
Look into the formatter branch (old versions were based on the CVS repository.).

Installing the older archives

Before I started providing installers, my experimental version used to be a patch for an existing GExperts installation. The archive contains:

GExperts for the supported Delphi versions (6, 7, 2005-2010, XE1-XE8, 10) where the formatter is implemented as an editor expert
Several predefined settings for use in the formatter, the default is FormatterSettings-Borland
A sample sourcecode file that is used inside the configuration dialog for previewing the formatting
A bunch of Register-GExperts-Xxx.cmd scripts for registering the GExperts DLL for the various windows version if it hasn’t be done by the official installer. (see !Readme-Install.txt for an explanation)

To install it, you must first download and install the corresponding release of GExperts (currently GExperts 1.38 Beta). To install manually without the official installer, see the included !ReadMe-Install.txt file. Afterwards you copy the file preview.pas and all the .ini files to the GExperts installation directory. In addition you need one of the .dlls. Choose the one that corresponds to your Delphi version and replace the existing GExpertsXxxx.dll file with the one from the ZIP archive.

The code formatter is an editor expert. Editor experts are listed on their own tab page of the GExperts configuration dialog. There you can define a shortcut key and open the configuration dialog.


(Click the picture to get an animated gif showing you how to configure and use it.)

Editor experts are listed under the GExperts menu’s Editor Experts entry but are usually activated using the configured shortcut.

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  4. Hi Thomas – Any chance of a D10.2 version?

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