A collection of buildtools

I am a fan of automated builds but since I don’t want to pay money for it just to use in my open source projects, I rolled my own.

The SourceForge project dzlib + tools contains a collection of buildtools that I use in most of my open source projects as well as in my day job.

It contains

  • Tools from the DxGetText (GnuGetText for Delphi)  project, which provides translation tools for Delphi as well as the great Gorm po-file editor.
  • The MakeJclDebug tool for adding jcl debug information to an executable for providing call stacks on errors.
  • The subversion commandline tools which allow me to automatically check out the latest sources, do a compile and, if no error occurs, reset the build number to its previous value.
  • Some tools I wrote myself:
    • dzPrepBuild (see this SourceForge project).
    • MsBuildFilter which filters the output of MsBuild and the Delphi 2007 commandline compiler to provide better output
  • and last, but not least several batch files that bind all the above together to make my life easier

I put it on SourceForge to allow me to use it as an external for my open source projects, so if you want an example on how to use it, see e.g.

If you like these tools, feel free to use them in your own projects.

Here is a short overview on how to use them.

I would like to know if you use these tools, please leave a comment on this page.