Uses Clause Manager Expert

The Uses Clause Manager expert is also not new, but I have added to it:

  • Option to replace the IDE file -> Use Unit action (see configuration dialog).
  • Added an Open button (Shortcut Ctrl+O) that opens the currently selected unit. The same can be achieved with Ctrl+Double click on a unit.
  • Depending on the selected uses list, the corresponding popup menu on the available list changes the default menu item so it is always the same as the double click action.
  • It’s now possible to drop files from the Windows Explorer onto the uses lists and also on the Favorite list to add them.
  • Two new buttons in the dialog to add or remove the namespace qualifiers from unit names.
    • Add-Unit-Prefixes


      Removing the namespace qualifiers is straight forward but adding them took a bit of work. It first takes a list of the configured namespaces for the current project, then it goes through all directories in the search path looking for matching units and takes the first unit it finds. This is what the IDE does so it should be compatible, but you never know. Use with care!