GExperts 1.3.15 experimental twm 2019-11-23

Note: Apparently several virus scanners detect some of the installers for GExperts 1.3.15 as Malware. I’m pretty sure it isn’t, but hey, what do I know? Even though the virus scanner on my computer did not detect anything, it still might be infected.

See for yourself what VirusTotal has to say about it:

Note that most detections are just by heuristics.

So, what can I do? In order to submit the installers to Virus Total I had to disable Windows Defender because it kept telling me that a “thread has been detected and removed”.
This didn’t happen when I created the installers (on a different machine) though.

Edit: I have submitted the installers to Kaspsersky and they have updated their virus scanner so it no longer classifies them as malware. I also tried that with Microsoft, but the submission process is so complicated that I only submitted the installers for Delphi 10.3 and 2007. Today I updated the signatures for Windows Defender and it also doesn’t detect the installers as malware any more. That leaves some others that according to Virus Total still have that problem. But after looking into the procedure to submit files to BitDefender and McAfee I decided that it’s just not worth the effort.
— 2019-11-28 twm

There are installers for all supported Delphi versions, take your pick:

Here is the blog post about the new features.