Enhancements to the Search Path Dialog

GExperts has always enhanced some of the dialogs of the Delphi IDE, e.g. by making them sizeable and storing their positions so they reappear where the user left them. It has gone quite a lot further for the Search Path dialog.

Enhancements include:

  • There is now a hotkey (Alt+O) for the OK button
  • There are now keyboard shortcuts for the Up (Ctrl+Up) and Down (Ctrl+Down) buttons.
  • In addition to the list of search paths there is now also a memo that can be used to directly edit the list rather than having to select a line and edit it in the additional edit field.
  • There are tabs below these controls to switch between them. When switching the current line is preserved
  • It’s possible to drop directories on the list, memo or edit control to add them.

(Click on the image to get an animated introduction to the new features.)

But there is still more. When the memo is active the buttons change meaning (and caption):

  • “Make Relative” / “Make Absolute” make all the directories in the memo relative to the project file directory or absolute.
  • Add Recursive adds the directory in the edit control and all its subdirectories recursively to the memo.


All three buttons are only visible when the memo is active. When the listbox is active, the standard buttons are visible instead.

And that’s not all: Configurable favorites have also been added to the dialog, when the memo is active:



A single favorite entry can contain multiple directories, so it is e.g. possible to add all directories necessary for Indy, jcl or jvcl with one click rather than having to add each of them separately.


Of course the dialog for configuring a favorite supports dropping directories on it.