How to compile GExperts


Several people have asked me how to compile their own GExperts dll. It’s really simple.


  • A supported Delphi version (why would you want to compile GExperts if you don’t have one?)
  • A SubVersion client. I am using TortoiseSVN but you can basically use any client regardless if GUI or command line
  • An Internet connection
  • 15 Minutes of spare time

If you are using a command line svn client, type the following (or rather copy and paste it):

svn co GExperts

This should check out the latest sources from the GExperts trunk on Sourceforge to a subdirectory GExperts. As of 2017-02-25 I no longer develop in the formatter branch, so using the trunk is now the way to go.

Alternatively, you can use any gui client, please refer to its documentation on how to check out from a https url.

If your Delphi version comes with a command line compiler, you can simply change to the corresponding GExperts project directory and call the build script:

cd GExperts\projects\Delphi2007

If everything works, this will compile a new GExperts DLL in the GExperts\DLL directory.

If for whatever reason the build script does not work, open the project (also located in the same directory) in the Delphi IDE and compile it there. Again, the DLL should be located in the GExperts\DLL diretory.

Now, replace the GExperts DLL in your Installation with the DLL from this directory and you are done.

Easy as cake, isn’t it?