Delphi IDE Explorer Expert for Delphi XEx

Based on a similar expert by David Hoyle for Delphi 3/4/5, which I found on Embarcadero CodeCentral, I have written the Delphi IDE Explorer Expert for Delphi XE .. XE6. It is a package based expert that installs into the Delphi IDE and displays its internal component structure.

The original purpose was to find the button for showing and hiding the background for the Firemonkey mobile form designer and turn the bloody thing off for good. Unfortunately I could not find that form and that button, so I assume it’s not written with the VCL but itself a Firemonkey form.

Here are some screenshots of the expert:

Display Properties

Display Events

Display Inheritance

The tree view on the left side displays the hierarchy of the components as it is available via the global VCL Screen object. the right side shows the properties, events and inheritance of the selected component.

Filter Dialog

The expert also allows to filter for specific class types, e.g all TAction, TActionList etc. objects.

The full source code is available from SourceForge.

Please note: The package for Delphi XE3 is actually a Delphi XE2 package for now. I cannot start XE3 because for some reason it thinks it isn’t registered. Did I mention I hate the forced online activation?

Edit: Apparently I am not only the second but at least the third who wrote such an expert. Rudy Velthuis also did it.