Backup Project Expert

The Backup Project expert has been part of GExperts for a long time. But there was still space for improvements. The most visible is in the config dialog:

  • The … button now expands any macros the directory contains before opening a directory select dialog
  • There is now a “Default” button that sets the directory to "%PROJECTDIR%\%PROJECTNAME%"
  • A “Variables” button allows to select and enter any of the supported variables , e.g. %DATETIME%
  • New options to ignore __hsitory and __restore directories.
  • New options to to ignore backup (*.~*) files
  • New option to ignore SCM subdirectories (.svn, .git, .hg)
  • The directory field now supports dropping a directory from the Windows Explorer.


  • The default filename is now the current project name.
  • It’s now possible to add files to the list by dropping them from the Windows Explorer
  • Firemonkey form files are now added to the file list, if they exist
  • Ignore .aqt files.

There have also been a few bugfixes and improvements to the actual expert (like actually supporting the variables mentioned above).