GExperts frequently asked questions

What is GExperts?

GExperts is a plugin for the Delphi IDE that adds many enhancements and also fixes some bugs.

Which Delphi versions are supported?

By the time of this writing GExperts supports Delphi 6 to 10.4 (with the exception of Delphi 8). GExperts releases always support/require the latest update for each Delphi version available at the time of the release.

What if I can’t install the latest Delphi update?

Recently Embaradero has made updates only available for customers with an active subscription. This can pose a problem because some people will be stuck with a non uneatable Delphi installation.
If you are in that situation, you have two options:

  1. Download a release from before that update
  2. Compile your own DLL
What about even older Delphi versions?

There are GExperts installers for older Delphi versions on the download page. Scroll down, it goes back to even Delphi 2. There is also the source code available.

Delphi version X has been released today, when will GExperts support it?

I will add a project to the sources as soon as I find the time to download and install a new Delphi release. I will probably also release a GExperts beta soon after that. After a while when I haven’t received too many bug reports (and maybe have used the new version myself), I will make a release.
Note though, that I currently have access to a Delphi subscription through my employer (and have his consent to use it for open source projects). That may change any time. In that case, I will no longer be able to support many of the existing Delphi versions any more (probably everything above Delphi 2007).

Delphi version X is in beta, have you tried GExperts with it?

I usually don’t participate in Delphi beta testing (my time is limited). But even if I were, I would have signed a non disclosure agreement that prevents me from talking about it.

When will the next GExperts version be released?

The standard answer to this question is: “When it’s ready”. The long answer is: When I find the time and feel like it. I try to do a new release whenever a new feature has been added or a bug has been fixed that I think relevant, or a new Delphi version has been released. But my time is limited and I have other important or fun things to do. You are always welcome to take the sources and build your own DLL. You then will get all the latest and greatest features and the bugs that come with them. 😉

I found a bug, what do I do?

Please file a bug report. If you happen to have already fixed this bug, please also attach a patch or an archive with the changed source files.

I have a brilliant idea for an improvement. What do I do?

Please file a feature request.

I have added some improvement to GExperts. Where can I submit it?

Please also file a feature request and attach a patch or an archive with changed source files.

I want to contribute to GExperts. What can I do?

See the Donations for GExperts page.

Where is the source code?

See compiling your own DLL.

Why is GExperts still on SourceForge rather than on Github like all the other important projects?

I happen to like SubVersion better than Git. Github does not support SubVersion (apart from a bridge with limited features).

But you should move to Github because of feature X!

OK, but I won’t. At least for now.

But I want to contribute to GExperts and that would be a lot easier if it were on Github!

You mean it would be easier for you. I would have to migrate the project and get used to a new workflow, so it would mean more work for me.
Maybe if you contribute a lot to the project, you might be able to convince me.

I have a question that is not covered by this FAQ. Where can I ask?

There is a GExperts sub forum in the international Delphi Praxis forum. Please note that my preferred way to receive bug reports or feature requests is not via that forum.

Why shouldn’t I report bugs an request features through that forum?

I prefer to work on the actual program rather than being my own secretary. Taking posts from the forum and create the bug reports / feature requests is boring and time consuming work. I don’t want to do that work.

Yes, that means I expect my users who want some bug to be fixed or a feature added to invest the effort to:

  • Create an account on SourceForge if they don’t have one.
  • Write a detailed bug report / feature request, including screen shots if that’s helpful.
  • Answer any questions that might arise from these reports via SourceForge.

If you don’t like this, think about your attitude. You are getting this tool for free after all and nobody forces you to use it. (Yes, I have received some rather disturbing emails when I asked people to file a bug report on SourceForge instead of sending them to me or posting them in some forums. Please remember: I don’t get paid for my work on GExperts, you are not my customers, therefore I don’t need to be “service minded” as somebody called it.)