Anybody interested in adding stuff from JEDI Experts?

A feature request for GExperts mentions a tool called JEDI Experts which is a project on SourceForge which has been inactive since Delphi 6 times. The description reads as follows:

JEDI Experts is set of experts/wizards to be used in Delphi IDE. While they can be used directly in Delphi IDE, the main task will be convert them, and merge into GExperts – another Delphi project on SourceForge:

It also links to a more descriptive page which unfortunately still doesn’t say much about the actual functionality.

I got curious, downloaded the sources and tried to compile them. It was quite difficult because it requires the JCL/JVCL and many of the components it used are have been deprecated. I ended up converting the dfm files to text (Yes, it is that old.) and replacing these components in a text editor.

JEDI experts consists of a DLL and a package, the latter is apparently supposed to load the DLL into the IDE. I got the DLL to compile but eventually gave up on the package. It references the deprecated ToolsAPI units from the Delphi 5 days and after deleting/replacing lots of ifdefs to get it to even compile in Delphi 2007 I gave up.

But I didn’t want to let those hours of work I already put into it got to waste. So I have put the sources into the GExperts repository, adding a new branch for it:

If you check out this directory, it will automatically also get the parts of the GExperts sources it requires.

The actual JEDI Experts sources are in the subdirectory JExperts. The DLL project is in “Library”, the Package project in “Package”.

There is also the ZIP file containing the original sources as downloaded from the JEDI Experts SourceForge project page.

So, if anybody is interested to pick up where I gave up, you are welcome. There might be some functionality there which could be integrated into GExperts. Much of it is duplicated though.