Call for Code Formatter Testcases

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Oct 142012

As said in my previous blog post, most of my existing test cases for the code formatter now work. But I am sure there are many other cases where it fails miserably. Especially the newer Delphi language constructs will probably highlight many problems.

Since I am mostly using Delphi 2007, I might not even be aware of these constructs and even if I read about them, I don’t use them much in my day to day work.

So, please, if you encounter something that does not get formatted correctly, send me a the source code for a minimal (!) unit that displays the problem. It should be a fully compilable unit, not just a code snippet. It should also be formatted as you expect it to be formatted.

And of course, if you fix the problem yourself or added a feature, you are welcome to send me patches to be integrated.

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Experimental GExperts Version 1.37-2012-10-14 released

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Oct 142012

The latest version is the second version that supports Delphi XE3  (yes, you missed one).

Apart from being based on the latest GExperts sources this new version also contains quite a few bug fixes to the formatter which should support nested class declarations. All my existing unit test cases for this work.

If it does not work for you, please send me a bug report and attach a source file that contains the formatting you expected. That file should be a compilable Delphi unit, not just a class declaration.

Head over to the Experimental GExperts page to download the new version.

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Blog officially moved to

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Oct 142012

As of today, I have moved my blog from my old home page to this new, WordPress based blog on The old page will continue to be available under the old url, but if you want to follow me, you should change your bookmarks and rss feeds to this new blog.

The reasons for the change are:

  • I wanted a more modern approach than my home grown, template based system, which used webmake to generate the actual html pages. Some functions were broken because they relied on a specific webmake version, in particular each update resulted in uploading all the html files to the server. I tried to fix this problem several times but somehow never managed to finish, most times I got interrupted (life has a tendency to intrude on my online activities 😉 ) or lost interest.
  • The frequency of my blog posts have been in decline for several years. One reason was that I had to power up my netbook with the webmake installation and sources for every post. I couldn’t be bothered too often to do that. I hope that being able to post from any computer will result in more frequent posts.

Also I will abandon posting in English and German. Most of my readers do read English, so I will not bother with content in German any more.

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