GExperts 1.3.12 beta 2 for Delphi 10.3 Rio available

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Dec 012018

Edit: There is a release version now!

I have just uploaded the second beta version of GExperts 1.3.12 for Delphi 10.3 Rio.

NOTE: This is still a BETA!

Also note that this is for Delphi 10.3 Rio only. It won’t work with any other versions.

Beware of bugs, e.g. the Goto-Dialog enhancements still cause redraw problems if theming is enabled. But many bugs from the first beta have been fixed.

Please report any bugs on SourceForge.

Also note, that I have not yet tested the installer as I don’t have a fresh Delphi 10.3 installation for that test.

Download link

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When the stand alone GExperts Experts Manager fails

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Dec 012018

There have been multiple bug reports regarding the stand alone Experts Manager that comes with GExperts. They all have in common that they fail with the error

Expertmanager: ExpertManager.exe – System Error
The program can’t start because vclactnband250.bpl is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Or similar messages giving a different package or a different version of the package.

So, what is the cause?

In short, you have most likely used the wrong GExperts installer. You must always use the one for the Delphi version you have installed. E.g. the current beta version for Delphi 10.3 Rio does not work for any of the older versions.

Technically this is what happens:

The Expert Manager executable loads the GExperts DLL to do the actual work (as do most of the other stand alone programs that come with GExperts, e.g. GExperts Grep or the stand alone Code Formatter).

It looks for that DLL in the directory where the executable is located. If there is only one DLL, it loads it, if there is more than one, the user gets a list to pick the one to load.

The GExperts DLLs are all built with runtime packages because that’s a requirement for IDE plugins to work. These runtime packages are installed with Delphi and reside in the bin subdirectory of the installation. Packages are just glorified DLLs so Windows tries to locate them using the same search path as for all other DLLs. If the Delphi version matching the GExperts DLL is not installed (e.g. You installed GExperts for Delphi 10.3 but your Delphi version is 10.2), you will get the error shown above.

Other possible causes are:

  • The search path does not contain the bin directory of the required Delphi version (no idea how that can happen, but it does happen).
  • The search path has become too long so it gets truncated before the required directory (see here for a possible remedy)
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GExperts 1.3.12 beta for Delphi 10.3 Rio available

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Nov 252018

Edit: There is a release version now!

I have just uploaded a beta version of GExperts 1.3.12 for Delphi 10.3 Rio.

NOTE: This is a BETA!

Beware of bugs, e.g. the Goto-Dialog enhancements cause redraw problems if theming is enabled, the Run Parameters dialog enhancements (drag and drop for files and directories) don’t work at all.

Please report any bugs on SourceForge.

Also note, that I have not yet tested the installer as I don’t have a fresh Delphi 10.3 installation for that test.

Download link

See also: GExperts 1.3.12 beta 2 for Delphi 10.3 Rio.

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Found the cause of the AV on exiting the Delphi IDE

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Nov 242018

There was a bug in the (yet unreleased) GExperts code that caused an access violation every time the Delphi IDE was closed. I have just found it, but boy was that difficult!

I knew the problem existed in the current source code and by trial and error I found a source code revision that did not yet have it: #2415. So I compared those revisions and step by step narrowed it down to the changes in the unit GX_IdeFormChangeManager in revision #2433 which was a fix for a redrawing bug in the Delphi 10.2 Search Path dialog.

So I removed the code I had added, which consisted of two parts:

procedure TFormChangeManagerInternal.ProcessActivatedForm(Form: TCustomForm);
  i: Integer;
  NeedsWorkaround: Boolean;

  // We are executing the callbacks in last registered first order to allow callbacks to
  // unregister themselves. (And we don't check whether a callback only unregisters itself, so
  // please be cautios!). That means registering a new callback while executing a callback
  // is not allowed.
  FIsInFormChangeCallback := True;
// ------------- workaround part 1 starts here ------------
    // Workaround for redraw issue in Delphi 10.2 when theming is enabled:
    // Disable redraws while we change the window
    NeedsWorkaround := HasRedrawProblems(Form);
    if NeedsWorkaround then
      SendMessage(Form.Handle, WM_SETREDRAW, WParam(False), 0);
// ------------- workaround part 1 ends here ------------
      for i := FFormChangeCallbacks.Count - 1 downto 0 do begin
          TFormChangeCallbackItem(FFormChangeCallbacks[i]).FCallback(Self, Form);
          // just so we can have a look at any exceptions that might be raised ...
// ------------- workaround part 2 starts here ------------
      if NeedsWorkaround then begin
        // Allow and force a redraw of the whole window
        SendMessage(Form.Handle, WM_SETREDRAW, WParam(True), 0);
        RedrawWindow(Form.Handle, nil, 0, RDW_INVALIDATE or RDW_ALLCHILDREN);
        // see Remarks on
// ------------- workaround part 2 ends here ------------
    FIsInFormChangeCallback := False;

I didn’t really think this could make a difference because the HasRedrawProblems function only returns true in Delphi 10.2 but the AV occurred in all versions of the IDE. And guess what? It didn’t make a difference at all! The AV still happened.

So I reverted all the changes to the unit, which included the addition of a few units to the uses clause in the implementation section: Messages, Registry and GX_IdeSearchPathEnhancer

The AV was gone!

Now what? I added Messages and Registry again, everything still was fine. Then I added GX_IdeSearchPathEnhancer and boom, the AV was back.

After I knew what to look for, the cause was simple to spot: Both units GX_IdeSearchPathEnhancer and GX_IdeFormChangeManager have got a finalization section. They both free an instance of a class that gets created some time during the life time of a GExperts session. By adding GX_IdeSearchPathEnhancer to the uses list of GX_IdeFormChangeManager, the execution order of the finalization sections changed.

The unit GX_IdeFormChangeManager provides a singleton instance of TFormChangeManagerInternal which gets created on demand in any of the class methods of TIDEFormChangeManager. That instance is freed in the finalization section.

The unit GX_IdeSearchPathEnhancer has an internal instance of TSearchPathEnhancer which also gets freed in its finalization section. TSearchPathEnhancer.Create registers itself for Screen.OnActiveFormChanged events to detect when the IDE’s Sarch Path dialog is being shown. In the Destructor it unregisters itself for that event.

So far, so good, now the problem occurs when the finalization of GX_IdeFormChangeManager runs before the one of GX_IdeSearchPathEnhancer: The singleton instance of TFormChangeManagerInternal gets freed and afterwards the destructor of TSearchPathEnhancer tries to use it to unregister itself from the OnActiveFormChanged event. This created a new TFormChangeManagerInternal instance which hooked the Screen.OnActiveFormChanged event. Since the finalization of GX_IdeFormChangeManager had already run, this new instance never got freed, so as soon as the GExperts DLL was unloaded, the event pointed to uninitialized memory and thus the access violation occurred. This of course will never show anything usable in the debugger as the offending code has already been unloaded.

Now you might ask, why in the world I added the additional unit to the uses clause? That was because of the fix introduced in that revision. It needed to know if the new active form as the Search Path dialog, and following the Don’t repeat yourself (DRY) principle [1] of good software development, I moved the code for detecting that, which was already in a method of TSearchPathEnhancer, to a public class method of that class. So I avoided duplicating the code. but in order to call that class method, I had to add the unit to the uses clause. Which introduced the bug.

Even though it was difficult to trace it, at least it was a reproducible bug, so I could finally track it down. Now I’m going to fix it and then I will start testing GExperts in Delphi 10.3 so I can make a new release.

[1] Yes, it is DRY, because the knowledge of how to detect if a form is the Sarch Path dialog is “business knowledge”, in this case knowledge about what class and name that form has in any of the IDE versions.

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Two buttons to make a difference in the Set Tab Order expert

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Nov 012018

The Set Tab Order expert in GExperts allows you to change the tab order of controls by dragging them in a tree view. I have always wondered why the standard Tab Order dialog of the IDE has got buttons to move the current control up or down while the one in GExperts does not.

OK, now it has them too:

These buttons even have keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Up moves the current item up, Ctrl+Down moves it down.

I’m thinking about further improvements for that expert, but nothing concrete yet. I kind of like the approach that the CnPack IDE wizards take, but on the other hand too much automation can be bad too. What if I want to have a button on the lower left to be the last control in the tab order? Like an “About” button, which in my opinion should not be between the last input field and the OK button because I rarely click it?

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New GExperts Feature: Favorites menu

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Oct 272018

I have stolen yet another idea for a new GExperts feature, this time from Dave Nottage‘s Codex Delphi Expert. (But the code is all mine, including any bugs you might experience.)

It’s the Favorites sub menu in the File menu:

The content of this sub menu is generated on the fly, so it will always contain the current entries of the Favorite Files Expert. Since that expert’s dialog is non modal, you can change the configuration and immediately see that the Favorites sub menu content changes. All entries are prefixed with numbers 0-9 and then letters A-T, so there is a maximum of 10+20=30 entries on each level. In addition there is X for Configure which opens the Expert’s configuration dialog:

Unfortunately this new feature will only be available for Delphi 7 and later. I was unable to get it to work in Delphi 6. Sorry about that! But maybe somebody else wants to try it? The source code is here.

There is no release with this feature yet. To get it, for now you have to compile your own GExperts dll which isn’t exactly rocket science anyway.

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The State of the GExperts Mailing list and G+ Community

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Oct 262018

You might have heard that Google is “sunsetting” Google+ so the GExperts community there will no longer exist after August 2019.

There is still the GExperts Mailing List on Yahoo, but unfortunately either Google Mail or Yahoo changed something so I am no longer able to post to it (I get a rather unhelpful error message.)

So I have asked Daniel, the administrator of Delphi Praxis whether I can get a GExperts sub forum in the new English Delphi Praxis.

I haven’t received an answer yet, but I hope it will be positive. If yes, I will announce it here and as soon as that sub forum goes live.

As for my general Google+ activity, I have not yet decided what to do. Currently it looks likely that I won’t migrate to any other “social media” site at all. I definitely won’t go to Facebook.

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GExperts Enhancements for docking in the Delphi IDE

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Sep 022018

The Delphi IDE has supported docking of various forms for a long time (I don’t remember if it ever did not). Unfortunately if not docked, the floating forms always seem to be in the way, and if you dock them, they take up screen space that you might rather use for the editor window. Given that most of us have got more than one monitor, wouldn’t it be nice to move some of these docking forms to the second monitor?

You can already do that by just undocking one form and docking other forms to it. The resulting floating window can be moved freely, even to another monitor. What you can’t do with it is minimize it or use WIN+Arrow Keys to snap them to the left or right monitor edge.

There are now two enhancements in GExperts that address this:

The first one is the new IDE enhancement “Enhance Dock Forms to allow minimize and Win+arrow positioning” which can be enabled on the IDE tab of the configuration dialog.

Once set, those floating forms get a minimize button (which of course works) and can be moved to the left or right half of the monitor with Win-Left or Win-Right arrow keys. The usual mouse gestures you can do with any window are also available.

Unfortunately this only works if more than one form have been docked together, so a single floating form will not show these enhancements.

The second enhancement is the new “Add dock window” expert. It creates a new top level window to which any docking form can be docked. It too allows all the usual Windows shortcuts for placing and moving forms. In addition it has got a button on the taskbar so you can minimize it and restore it easily. It can also be put behind the IDE main window or on a different monitor. The taskbar button makes it easy to bring it back.

You can even have multiple of these GExperts dock windows.

Unfortunately they have some drawbacks too:

  • You cannot close them as long as anything is docked to them. I tried to allow that but it crashed the IDE. To really get rid of the window, undock all docked forms from it and then close it.
  • Also, if you dock only a single form to it, you won’t get a caption for it to move it elsewhere. Tip: Disable docking using its context menu (which will make it float) and enable it again. Alternatively select one of your saved desktop layouts or restart the IDE.
  • There is no option to save the currently docked forms and their layout yet.

I’ll try to address these problems in a later version.

Both enhancements work for all supported Delphi IDEs, btw.

There is no release with these features yet. To get them, for now you have to compile your own GExperts dll which isn’t exactly rocket science anyway.

This idea is based on a question by Codehunter on the German Delphi board Delphi Praxis.

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