GExperts 1.3.20 experimental twm 2022-01-30 released

COVID-19 is still going strong, even 2 years after it was first discovered. We’re on the Omicron variant now and nobody knows what new variants the near future may bring. I got my vaccination jabs in 2021-06-08 (AstraZeneca), 2021-07-17 (Biontech/Pfizer) and a booster 2021-12-09 (Moderna). As you can see, I survived all of them for at least a month 😉 Side effects were limited to some mild headache that lasted for about 24 hours.

On the bright side: I have been working from home basically through the whole pandemic and I like it (my wife does too). I even managed not to put on too much weight, but using an exercise bike for 30 to 45 minutes a day takes much more effort than simply cycling to work and back. And I miss flying to the south on vacation.

But I digress:

The new GExperts version still supports all Delphi versions back to Delphi 6 (with the notable exception of Delphi 8) and even the Delphi 11 version is no longer in Alpha state (but it’s still beta, there will be glitches!). Support for per monitor DPI awareness should now work (in Delphi 11, and definitely better than in the IDE itself).

There are even a few new features:

And of course a few bug fixes.

As always: Report and any bugs you find (or contribute bug fixes) and also file feature requests or maybe even contribute implementations for these features.

Head over to the GExperts download page to get it.

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