New Edit Path expert in GExperts

It has been in the source code for quite a while and some few people and I have tested it, but I didn’t tell anybody else about it:

There is a new expert in GExperts for editing the current project’s unit search path. It looks like this:

It offers the same functionality as the Search Path enhancement option:

  • Multi line editing
  • Make relative / absolute for the currently selected line(s)
  • Prepend / Remove ..\ for the currently selected line(s)
  • Move current line up / down with the arrow buttons or Ctrl + up/down arrow keys.
  • Favourites menu for currently used paths

It also shares the Favourites with that option.

In addition it also offers a simpler way to select the target for which to edit the path. It lists all active targets of the current project on the left hand side and you can select them either with the mouse of with Alt + up/down arrow keys.

By default, the currently active target is preselected.

But I found that rather annoying, because I usually put most entries into the All configurations target, so I always had to first select that target in order to change the path. Since some of my testers still wanted the automatic selection I added a configuration option to select which target will be preselected.

For the default behaviour select <Current Config> or if you want a particular target select it from the list.

Note that I haven’t tested this for anything but Win32 and Win64 targets, but in theory it should also work for any other platform and even for custom configurations.

So, if you are now eager to test this new gem I may have to disappoint you: It only works for Delphi 2009 and later because the OTAPI did not offer access to the target list in earlier versions. On the bright side, the Project Options dialog for earlier versions opened so fast, it you could simply use that and switch to the Memo view.

For later Delphi versions, the menu entry is “Edit Path”:

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