GExperts 1.3.21 experimental twm 2022-04-09 released

You may remember that I was forced to reduce GExperts support for Delphi 6 a while ago, because the IDE no longer started on my computer. It turns out that it was a GExperts bug after all.

The fix was simple once I knew what the problem was. And I only found out because carrchri, one of the few GExperts for Delphi 6 users, debugged it and told me. Thanks a lot!

When I was able to use the Delphi 6 IDE again I also fixed incompatibilities in the DFMs that prevented some of the dialogs open in Delphi 6.

So here is a new release. Apart from these two Delphi 6 related bug fixes there are some improvements to the code formatter also submitted by users:

Achim Kalwa again also submitted some patches for fixing bugs.

On top of that various High DPI display problems with Delphi 11 as well as a long standing display problem for owner drawn string grids (e.g. in the Uses Clause Manager) have been fixed.

The new GExperts version still supports all Delphi versions back to Delphi 6 (with the notable exception of Delphi 8).

As always: Report and any bugs you find (or contribute bug fixes) and also file feature requests or maybe even contribute implementations for these features.

It might take a while but I am always looking at those tickets when I find the time.

Head over to the GExperts download page to get it.

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