dzBdsLauncher 1.0.9 released

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Jul 312022

I just released dzBdsLauncher 1.0.9.

If started with a .bdsproj file, it will now not just assume that a .dpr file must exist but will check for it and if it does not exist, will try for a .dpk file.

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Thunderbird 102.0.3 no longer asks to accept a self signed certificate for IMAP

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Jul 282022

One of my computer’s hard disk didn’t survive a recent power failure so I had to set up its Thunderbird client again (a backup didn’t work, don’t ask). My internal IMAP server uses a self signed certificate which worked like a charm until now. Normally, the first time Thunderbird connects to the server after the account has been set up, it will display a warning for this certificate with an option to permanently accept it. This warning did not come, so no emails were available. The same procedure worked fine for the similarly configured SMTP server, so apparently the feature/workaround for self signed certificates wasn’t removed on purpose.

I found two workarounds for this:

  1. Start with an older Thunderbird version (102.0.0 worked fine for me) and upgrade to the latest one. Unfortunately older versions seem to vanish from the interwebs within a very short time when a new release comes out (or equally possible my Google Fu has failed me again [it did, here they are]).
  2. With Thunderbird 102.0.3, in Account Settings -> Server Settings set Connection Security from “SSL/TLS” to “none”, then try to get the emails. All of a sudden the missing dialog popped up, I could accept the certificate and emails started being downloaded. While that was running, I changed the setting back to “TLS/SSL” and all seems good now.
    I found this by pure chance because I was desperate enough to completely disable SSL just to get to my emails.

I am posting this so I can look it up later in case I need it again (Google will hopefully turn it up when I search for a solution). But if it helps others too: You are welcome.

I’m sure many people are now itching to suggest other possible solutions. If your’s is “Use Let’s encrypt certificates”, please read the following link on why you might not want to do that for internal servers.

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Some Linux tools for handling and filtering the passwd file

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Apr 222022

Linux (and other Unixes) store user information in a file called passwd and the associated passwords in another file called shadow, both located in /etc. Both files are text files and use a : as the field separator.

I currently have the need to sort and filter these files in various ways. This post is mostly so I can look it up later, but if it is useful for others, you’re welcome.

Sort the passwd file by the user id

The user id is stored in the 3rd field of the file and it is numeric:

sort --numeric --field-separator=: --key=3 passwd

Remove computer accounts from passwd and shadow

If the computer is used as the domain controller for a Samba NT4 domain, the files contain entries for all computers in the the domain. These user name for these entries ends in a dollar sign “$”. So we need a regular expression that excludes all these entries.

grep -v "^[^:]*\$:" passwd
grep -v "^[^:]*\$:" shadow

Remove system users from passwd

On a Linux system there are many system accounts that are used for special purposes, e.g. for the web server, email or backup. These accounts have a user id < 1000 (this might be some specialty of Ubuntu Linux). We only want lines where the user id has 4 digits. We also must be sure that these 4 digits are in the user id field, so we have to anchor the regex on the start of the line and skip the name and password (always "x") field.
egrep “[^:]:x:[0-9]{4}:” passwd

(On servers with very many users, there may be user ids with more than 4 digits, but that doesn’t currently concern me.)

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GExpertsInst is not a valid reference

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Apr 152022

Starting with GExperts 1.3.20 calling the standalone Experts Manager displayed the error message “GExpertsInst is not a valid reference”. After that the tool actually works fine.

This bug has now been fixed in the current source code. I don’t think this minor inconvenience justifies a new release.

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some dxgettext improvements

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Apr 102022

I fixed a bug in the dxgettext executable which made it add wrong ressource string names to the po files which in turn made the msgmergePOT tool select wrong translations. You will have to compile your own executable to get this bugfix. The source code is in the project’s svn repository on SourceForge.

Also I added scripts to generate partial German and French translations for Delphi 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4 and even added those partial translations for Delphi 10, 10.1, 10.2 and 10.4 (note that 10.3 is missing) to the repository. Warning: These translations may still be faulty.

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GExperts 1.3.21 experimental twm 2022-04-09 released

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Apr 092022

You may remember that I was forced to reduce GExperts support for Delphi 6 a while ago, because the IDE no longer started on my computer. It turns out that it was a GExperts bug after all.

The fix was simple once I knew what the problem was. And I only found out because carrchri, one of the few GExperts for Delphi 6 users, debugged it and told me. Thanks a lot!

When I was able to use the Delphi 6 IDE again I also fixed incompatibilities in the DFMs that prevented some of the dialogs open in Delphi 6.

So here is a new release. Apart from these two Delphi 6 related bug fixes there are some improvements to the code formatter also submitted by users:

Achim Kalwa again also submitted some patches for fixing bugs.

On top of that various High DPI display problems with Delphi 11 as well as a long standing display problem for owner drawn string grids (e.g. in the Uses Clause Manager) have been fixed.

The new GExperts version still supports all Delphi versions back to Delphi 6 (with the notable exception of Delphi 8).

As always: Report and any bugs you find (or contribute bug fixes) and also file feature requests or maybe even contribute implementations for these features.

It might take a while but I am always looking at those tickets when I find the time.

Head over to the GExperts download page to get it.

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Duplicate entries in the identifier list of the GExperts Uses Clause Manager

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Mar 192022

A long time ago I added the Identifier tab to the Uses Clause Manager in GExperts. It looks like this:

In this screen shot, I filtered for TWinControl and the expert found several matching entries, the two top ones in the unit Controls.

While this looks like a bug at first (indeed I have received a bug report for it) it is in fact a feature. There are actually two declarations of TWinControl in the unit Controls. The first is in line 212, which is a forward declaration like this:

  TWinControl = class;

The other is in line 1243, which is the actual declaration of the class:

  TWinControl = class(TControl)
    // class declaration goes here

(Both line numbers are from Delphi 2007, they will vary in other Delphi versions.)

The expert lists them both and when the user clicks the “Open Unit” button (or presses Ctrl+O), it will then open that unit and place the cursor in the line of the declaration.

One word to the person who reported that bug: Please do not be offended that I blogged about it not being an actual bug but a feature. It is not meant to shame you. On the contrary, I am grateful that I receive good bug reports like this one. Please keep them coming!

If you’d like to discuss this blog post, you can do so in the corresponding post in the international DelphiPraxis forum.

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libjpeg-turbo and Windows XP

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Feb 182022

Note to self: The last 32 bit version of the libjpeg-turbo DLL compiled with MS Visual Studio (libjpeg-turbo-x.y.z-vc.exe) that supports Windows XP is version 2.0.6. Later versions apparently need a newer Visual C++ runtime that does not work on Windows XP.

A colleague of mine just learned that the hard way.

We haven’t tested the versions compiled with gcc (libjpeg-turbo-x.y.z-gcc.exe).

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dzObjectInspectorFix for Delphi 2007

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Feb 122022

The Delphi 2007 IDE has an annoying bug that causes the width of the name column in the Object Inspector to shrink over time so that it is no longer possible to actually read the property names. I have no idea what causes this and it doesn’t happen in any of the more recent IDEs. It might well be an effect of one of the other plugins I have installed (GExperts, cnPack, IDE Explorer, DDevExtensions and the Ide Fixpack).

The dzObjectInspectorFix plugin fixes that annoyance by periodically checking the width of that column and setting it to the configured minimum (Default: 150 Pixels).

To install this plugin follow these steps:

  1. check out the source code from the SubVersion repository at http://svn.osdn.net/svnroot/dzobjectinspectorfix/trunk
  2. Load the package in to the Delphi 2007 IDE
  3. Compile it
  4. Install it (right click on the package and select “Install”)

There should now be a new entry “ObjectInspectorFix” in the Tools menu which allows you to configure the plugin.

Given that it was so easy to fix that but, I really wonder why I didn’t write that plugin 10 years ago.

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