GExperts 1.3.24 Beta1 for Delphi 12

I have just built an installer for GExperts 1.3.24 Beta1 for Delphi 12.

Note the word “Beta” in the release name! We are one step up from Alpha, there are still many bugs, but overall it seems to be stable. Most of the bugs manifest themselves as display glitches on high DPI monitors.

If you discover any errors, please report them as usual on Sourceforge.

Make sure you have the latest patch for Delphi 12, released by Embarcadero on 2024-02-07. This is the version I’m developing and testing with. The patch is worth it, it fixes a number of bugs in RTL/VCL/FMX that also affect the IDE.

Having said that, here is the download.

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