Minor Delphi Ide Explorer enhancement

I just added some minor enhancements to my Delphi Ide Explorer expert: For TShortCut properties it now also displays the text representation for the shortcut. For TShortCutList properties (TAction.SecondaryHotkeys) it now displays "<no shortcut>" if the list is emtpy rather than an empty string For TStrings properties it now displays "<empty>" if the list is … Continue reading Minor Delphi Ide Explorer enhancement

I’m on Mastodon now

I never really liked Twitter, but I created an account there to be able to Announce new posts on my blog Allow some feedback to my blog without enabling the comments Now I joined Mastodon as @dummzeuch@mastodon.social simply to add another channel for those who don't want to use Twitter.

RIP Michail Gorbatschow

I think we as Germans still cannot really appreciate the effect he had on our country. I also think the war against Ukraine would not have happened if he had been in charge for a few more years, but we will never know. Rest in peace Gorbi!

Where did Microsoft move the underline menu shortcut option?

So I don't forget: Microsoft seems to love changing the place where they hide useful configuration options. One that I always turn on is "Underline access keys when available" and in Windows 10 it is now in "Keyboard" -> "Change how keyboard shortcuts work" which is about half way down the page just where it … Continue reading Where did Microsoft move the underline menu shortcut option?