TColor debug visualizer for Delphi 10.2 and 12

I just extended my dzDebugVisualizer package to include a TColor debug visualizer for Delphi 10.2 and Delphi 12. With little change these will probably work for every Delphi Version that supports the neccessary ToolsApi functions, meaning >= Delphi 2010.

This is completely different code than I used before, but it still shows the color name(s) and the RGB value rather than the integer value.

Instead of it will show
-16777201 clBtnFace #F0F0F0 RGB(240, 240, 240)
65535 clYellow clWebYellow RGB(255, 255, 0)

I’ll probably also add the Multiline String debug visualizer later.
The sources are available in svn repository on SourceForge.

Since Embarcadero already supplied a TDateTime debug visualizer in their sample package, there is no point in adding that to my package too.

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