efg’s Computer Lab and Reference Library is being restructured

If you have done graphics processing in Delphi, you know efg’s computer lab which contained lots of great documentation and source code for that purpose. Unfortunately today on www.efg2.com you can read the following:

This site will be reorganized in the near future.

Prior to July 2019, this site contained 180+ pages on a variety of technical topics.
Links below are to copies on the Wayback Machine.

And since I am afraid that even those links will go away in the near future, I want to preserve them here:

Computer Lab on Wayback Machine (last snapshot from 2019-04-29)
The Computer Lab contains Lab Reports and Technical Notes on topics including, image processing, color science, computer graphics, mathematics, fractals & chaos, science & engineering. Most projects involve programming and include complete Delphi source code.

Reference Library on Wayback Machine (last snapshot from 2019-05-02)
The Reference Library contains two major sections, Delphi and Technical, each of which is a compendium of information from a wide variety of Internet resources.

The Delphi section is divided into a number of subsections and contains a large number of Delphi programming examples and code fragments. The Delphi Reference Library is mostly about technical topics (other than databases, except for the ADO subsection). The Algorithms, Graphics, Printing, and Math pages are the most popular.

The Technical section contains a large number of links to technical information. The Algorithms, Color, and Image Processing Reference Library pages are the most popular.