Code Template examples saved from Code Central oblivion

As I mentioned before, Embarcadero will turn off Code Central which will result in a wealth of Delphi code and tools vanishing from the face of the earth.

I have just saved two more entries for posterity:

  • Code Template Script examples []

    Code Template example for seeding a live template point with the clipboard contents. Also an example that modifies the ‘var’ code template allowing for initialization of the variable being declared.

    There are 2 templates included. A replacement for the var template and a new template called clippy that takes what is on the clipboard and surrounds it with a try…finally block.

    download link and

  • Code Template Basics – NewBucketList []

    Code Template for Creating Code Template Basics – Delphi2006 by Adam Markowitz. NewBucketList code template is used as the example.

    download link

both by Adam Markowitz a former Borland Employee.

The Delphi Wiki has some more live templates.