GExperts code formatter is now Unicode aware

After getting my Delphi XE8 installation to work again I have released a new experimental GExperts version. It is the first where the code formatter should be fully Unicode aware (for Delphi IDEs supporting Unicode, that is >= 2005). My tests worked and some brave souls also tested it live.

Also, I found and fixed several other Unicode related problems in the regular GExperts code base.

In this process I also found out that most people use UTF-8 encoding for their source code and apparently nobody uses UCS-2 or UCS-4.

So, if you had any problems with the code formatter converting your special characters to question marks, you should update.

The usual warning applies: I did test it, but only with a limited set of IDEs and only some of the functionality. So you might find new bugs. If you do, please contact me through my G+ profile (see upper right).

The download links are on the Experimental GExperts page as usual.