Apr 142013

I always wondered why the assemble tool in dxgettext appends the translation files directly to the executable rather than using the existing mechanism of resources. This is no longer necessary. I have updated the gnugettext code to optionally use RCDATA resources named after the files.

So you e.g. create a translations.rc file as

LOCALE_DE_DELPHI RCDATA ..\locale\de\LC_MESSAGES\delphi2007.mo
LOCALE_EN_DELPHI RCDATA ..\locale\en\LC_MESSAGES\delphi2007.mo

Compile it using a resource compiler e.g. brcc32 to translations.res and add it to the executable.

The new code in gnugettext will automatically find and use these resources, all you have to do is add the conditional define dx_SupportsResources.

// if the conditional dx_SupportsResources is defined the .mo files
// can also be added to the executable as Windows resources
// Be warned: This has not been thoroughly tested.
// Default is turned off.
{.$define dx_SupportsResources}

You can find the updated gnugettext.pas in the dxgettext subversion repository on sourceforge.

Disclaimer: I have only cursorily tested this code. Use it at your own risk!

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