experimental GExperts + code formatter for Delphi XE4

There isn’t yet any official release of GExperts for Delphi XE4 but if you don’t mind a little bit of manual work for installing, you can have it anyway.

WARNING: I have just now made this version compile with Delphi XE4. I have not done any tests. You are on your own and responsible for any damage this version might do to your computer and your files. If you don’t accept this responsibility, do not download the software!

and unpack it to a folder of your choice
(e.g. c:\program files\GExperts for RAD Studio XE4)
Copy the expert you want to use from one of the subdirectories created:

  • EditorExpert
  • RegularExpert

to the main directory.

Use the ExpertManager tool to register GExperts to Delphi XE4.
Voila, you are done.

This version is based on the current source code from the GExperts svn repository. I have not released it for any other Delphi versions because nothing has changed since the last release.