Apr 092013

Ever since I switched my Linux server to using ACLs (access control lists) for advanced access rights management I have struggled with rights being set too restrictive on new directories and files. Now it seems that I have solved the issue and this post is meant to remind me how to change the whole directory tree to the rights I want it to have:

sudo setfacl -Rm d:u::rwX,u::rwX,d:g::rwX,g::rwX,d:o:rX,o:rX directoryname

This recursively sets default and actual rights for directoryname and subdirectories as:

  • users: rw for files and directories, x for directories only
  • groups: the same
  • others: r for files and directories, x for directories only

I really hope that this is the last time I have to troubleshoot access rights issues. I want to concentrate on developing software rather than administrating bloody servers.

 Posted by on 2013-04-09 at 10:23