Added Flattr for donations

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Jan 222017

Just in case you want to show your appreciation for my blog posts, my open source tools and libraries and my contributions to other tools and libraries, now you can: I have created a profile at Flattr and embedded a button in my blog.

For now, this is mostly a test to see whether it actually works as described, but feel free to “flattr” me anyway.

Note: I deleted that account today, 2017-10-21 due to flattr changing their terms and condtions.

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Look mom! With https!

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Nov 082016

Just in case you haven’t noticed: My blog is now also available via HTTPS.

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Delphi Pipe

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Mar 282015

Since Delphi Feeds doesn’t list my blog any more and generally isn’t very fast in responding to requests for adding or removing feeds, I have created my own aggregated feed: RSS-02Delphi Pipe. It’s done with Yahoo Pipes and currently contains the following feeds in no particular order (*1):

[wp-rss-aggregator limit=”100″]

Many of these are also on Delphi Feeds and there are probably many interesting feeds that are still missing. If you want to add a feed, please contact me via my Gooogle+ profile or post a comment to the announcement on Google+. I promise to do my best to maintain the pipe, but that doesn’t mean that I will respond immediately.

You can see the current content of the pipe to the right.

I have also created a static page and subdomain for it:

(*1: Meaning that I have yet to be able to create a meaningful sort order for the rss feed listing the sources.)

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All registered users deleted and blocked

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Nov 032013

I just deleted over 700 “users” who registered to my blog. Most, I am sure, were just spam bots, I am sorry if some of you were real people.

Registering is now blocked as is commenting. I got tired of all the notification e-mails from WordPress. In over a year there was only ever two comments that were not spam. It’s just not worth the effort. If you want to communicate with me more directly, use my Google+ profile

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Why my blog is no longer distributed via DelphiFeeds

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Nov 152012

Some of you might have wondered why my blog is no longer distributed via DelphiFeeds. The reason is not, that I don’t want it to be, but apparently DelphiFeeds is no longer maintained. All my attempts to get my new blog added (and the old, defunct feed removed) failed.

I am really sorry about this because I find DelphiFeeds extremely usefull.

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Blog officially moved to

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Oct 142012

As of today, I have moved my blog from my old home page to this new, WordPress based blog on The old page will continue to be available under the old url, but if you want to follow me, you should change your bookmarks and rss feeds to this new blog.

The reasons for the change are:

  • I wanted a more modern approach than my home grown, template based system, which used webmake to generate the actual html pages. Some functions were broken because they relied on a specific webmake version, in particular each update resulted in uploading all the html files to the server. I tried to fix this problem several times but somehow never managed to finish, most times I got interrupted (life has a tendency to intrude on my online activities 😉 ) or lost interest.
  • The frequency of my blog posts have been in decline for several years. One reason was that I had to power up my netbook with the webmake installation and sources for every post. I couldn’t be bothered too often to do that. I hope that being able to post from any computer will result in more frequent posts.

Also I will abandon posting in English and German. Most of my readers do read English, so I will not bother with content in German any more.

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mobile blogging

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Oct 032012

Posting mobile doesn’t really work very well. Unfortunately the WordPress app does not support the WordPress installation provided by 1&1 (who host

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