dzObjectInspectorFix for Delphi 2007

The Delphi 2007 IDE has an annoying bug that causes the width of the name column in the Object Inspector to shrink over time so that it is no longer possible to actually read the property names. I have no idea what causes this and it doesn’t happen in any of the more recent IDEs. It might well be an effect of one of the other plugins I have installed (GExperts, cnPack, IDE Explorer, DDevExtensions and the Ide Fixpack).

The dzObjectInspectorFix plugin fixes that annoyance by periodically checking the width of that column and setting it to the configured minimum (Default: 150 Pixels).

To install this plugin follow these steps:

  1. check out the source code from the SubVersion repository at
  2. Load the package in to the Delphi 2007 IDE
  3. Compile it
  4. Install it (right click on the package and select “Install”)

There should now be a new entry “ObjectInspectorFix” in the Tools menu which allows you to configure the plugin.

Given that it was so easy to fix that bug, I really wonder why I didn’t write that plugin 10 years ago.

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