dzPrepBuild for Delphi 1.3.3 released

I just released version 1.3.3 of dzPrepBuild

The reason for this release was that I wanted to allow automatically updating the ProductVersion when the FileVersion changes. In order to do that, the tool now supports two additional placeholders that an be used in any version string: {MajorVer} and {MinorVer} which, as you might have guessed, resolve to the major and minor version number.


[Version Info Keys]
FileDescription=This is a Testproject for dzPrepBuild
LegalCopyright=Copyright 2002-{ThisYear} by Thomas Mueller

I also added {ProjectName} which resolves into the name of the Delphi project and is used in the example above for the InternalName and OriginalFilename entries.

While working on this enhancement unfortunately I also found a major bug that was introduced by a patch I accepted nearly years ago. It added support for private and special build flags but used the wrong names for these entries in the .dof, .bdsproj and .dproj files which resulted in –ReadDof, -ReadBdsProj and -ReadDproj failing. This is now also fixed. I never noticed this problem because I don’t use the built in Delphi version information any more. All my projects have an external [projectname]_version.ini file for maintaining the version information.

And since I was at it, I moved the project from SourceForge to OSDN. The new version can be downloaded from there.