Delphi Shortcut Finder for 10.x

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Jul 132019

Nicholas Ring wrote a useful Delphi IDE plugin called Delphi Shortcut Finder and made it open source on GitHub.

Unfortunately he updated it last in 2015, so it has become yet another abandoned Delphi tool.

I had a need for something like this today and remembered the tool, but unfortunately not its name. So it took me a while to find it again.

Just in case somebody else needs it, here are precompiled packages for

Note that installing it requires Virtual Tree View to be installed already.

The sources I used are here

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TStringGrid has Rows and Cols properties

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Jul 132019

From the “How could I have missed this for decades?” department:

The TStringGrid component in Delphi has got two interesting properties which I didn’t know about:

I found out about rows when I searched for code for sorting a StringGrid and found something at SwissDelphiCenter that uses this property. Then I looked it up in the online help and found that there is also a similar property for columns.

Now the question is: Did I really miss this or have I already forgotten? And if the latter, how many times? 😉

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