Delphi Tools Manager contains a virus – claims Microsoft

My Delphi Tools Manager tool according to Virus Total and there the Microsoft virus scanner contains the PUA:Win32/Puwaders.B!ml virus.

Update: Virus Total no longer detects a virus, so I guess I was right all the time: It was a false positive.
— 2019-09-05 twm

The description on Microsoft’s site is as always pretty useless:


This application was stopped from running on your network because it has a poor reputation. This application can also affect the quality of your computing experience.

So, is this a virus or is it not? My interpretation would be that it isn’t actually a virus but just some glitch with the heuristics employed by that scanner.

No other virus scanner detected anything which is another hint that this isn’t actually a problem at all. Oddly enough, the Windows Defender on my computer hasn’t flagged the file either.

So far I don’t know what to make of it. Should I be worried that my system is infected and therefore the executables I create on it also could be infected? Probably not, since it is unlikely that only one of the engines used by Virus Total detects it and even the Microsoft scanner only detects it in the ZIP file, not in the executable itself.