GExperts 1.3.13 experimental twm 2019-03-30 released

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Mar 302019

Just in time before April fools day 2019 there is the new GExperts release (it’s still 2019-03-30 so you are safe 😉 ).

Please be aware that I mostly work with Delphi 2007, so this version can be regarded as tested quite well, followed by Delphi XE2. The others are only known to compile and new features are usually tested superficially with all versions. This is particularly true for Delphi 6/7 and 2005/2006.

If you want to help by testing new versions before I release them, please contact me e.g. via Delphi Praxis (link on the side bar) or via the Send Message button on my Sourceforge profile. You may also consider contributing to GExperts. You are supposedly a Delphi developer yourself and it’s not rocket science after all.

Head over to the Experimental GExperts page to download the latest release.

I will blog about the new features later. I have to look them up myself. 😉

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Turn off Notepad++ annoyance

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Mar 302019

I like the open source editor Notepad++, but it has one default setting that drives me crazy: When you close it, it remembers the current “session”. This means that when it gets started the next time, it will re-open all the files you had open when you closed it the last time.

The setting for turning off that behavior is hidden somewhere in the complex Preferences dialog and I keep forgetting where.

So, here you go, future me: It’s on the “Backup” page:

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