Linking to the current Delphi documentation

The quality of the online documentation for Delphi at has improved significantly since the time when Borland fired all their help authors, so it is actually worth looking at when you want to know anything.

I see links to topics in that documentation in blog posts and in online forums (e.g. DelphiPraxis [German] [English]), but they always link to a specific version of that documentation (e.g. the one for Delphi 10.1 Berlin). I am sure most posters would like to link to the latest version rather than a specific version but don’t know how to do that or that it is even possible.

The good news is: It is possible. Simply remove the name of the Delphi version from the url and you get a link that always takes you to that page in the lastest version. E.g.:

remove the “Berlin” part and you get:

Which is always (or at least has always been) the lastest version of that page (at the time of this writing it is Delphi 10.3 Rio). This of course also works for specific topcs, like WriteLn [Berlin] [latest]