svnrdump for dumping and loading remote svn repositories

Since I keep forgetting what the tool is called and how to use it:

svnrdump is a tool that can dump a remote svn repostory to a text file and also load that text file into a different remote svn repository. It comes with the TortoiseSVN installation (but is really part of the standard Subversion tool set).

My use case is migrating projects from SourceForge to OSDN. On the OSDN side the option “Allow to modify revision properties for project members” must be enabled which is available on the Subversion -> Admin page. It really takes a few minutes for that option to become active.

To dump a repository:

svnrdump dump > somerepository.dump

To load a repository:

svnrdump load < somerepository.dump

Of course, since svnrdump writes to stdout and reads from stdin, it should be possible to do both in one go:

svnrdump dump | svnrdump load

But I have never tried it. I prefer getting a dump file first, just in case anything goes wrong.

Today I moved bdsproj2cfg and dof2cfg.