New GExperts IDE form enhancement for the Goto dialog

GExperts has got several options to enhance various IDE forms. They can be enabled and disabled on the configuration dialog’s IDE tab.


There is now a new one: Enhance Goto dialog. It’s the dialog you get when selecting Search -> Go to Line Number which looks like this in it’s original full glory:


It hasn’t changed since Delphi 1 (OK, I’m not sure about Delphi 1, but definitely not since Delphi 6), including such meaningful component names as Label1 and Bevel1.

This is how it looks when you enable the new enhancement:


As you can see I have added a listbox which is filled with the interesting positions in a unit:

  • Unit
  • Interface
  • Interface Uses
  • Implementation
  • Implementation Uses
  • Initialization (or Begin)
  • Finalization
  • End.

You can simply press the up or down arrow to select them and the corresponding line number will automatically entered for you. But manually entering a line number or selecting one from the combobox’s dropdown list still works as before.

In addition, I have fixed several form positioning bugs in the Delphi IDE in a multi monitor setup, where dialogs were always placed on the primary monitor regardless of where the IDE window was located.

  • In Delphi 2005 to 2007 it was the Search -> Replace dialog
  • In Delphi 2009 to 10 Seattle it were the File -> New -> Other and the Project -> Resources And Images dialogs

If you enable “Enhance IDE dialogs (and fix form positioning bugs)”, these dialogs will now be moved to the monitor of the IDEs main window.

There is no release yet, so if you want these goodies, you’ll have to compile GExperts yourself.