GExperts 1.38 experimental twm 2016-10-03 released

I must admit I’m getting tired of waiting for Erik to make a new official GExperts release. So, here is another experimental one.

The motive for making this release is twofold:

  1. The Delphi 10.1 Berlin update 1 for which I released a hotfix
  2. A bug I discovered and fixed yesterday that caused GExperts to crash with an access violation when the IDE was exiting (I’ve only seen this in Delphi 10.1 Berlin update 1 so far, but it could happen in any version.)

There are also some other changes / bugfixes:

  • The Make Relative and Make Absolute buttons on the search path dialog (only visible if you switch to Memo) did not convert the content of the edit control. This might also solve the problem that sometimes the content of the edit control was added to the search path when the dialog was closed, resulting in duplicate entries.
  • Make Absolute also converted entries starting with $(BDS) which was definitely not what you want.
  • I replaced the dialog that was shown by the Change Case expert with a popup menu. Basically the usage remains unchanged because the popup menu uses the same accelerator chars and it also remembers the last option you picked and makes it the default entry which you can select by pressing Enter. (Yes, I known the vote on this feature was undecided, but I did i anyway, just for the hell of it.)
  • There is a new Convert Strings editor expert. It is my first try to replace the existing Paste Strings As, Copy Raw Strings and Convert Raw Strings experts with something that’s easy to use without actually having to memorise how they work. It can probably still be improved.
  • Bugfix: The Uses Clause Manager no longer removes units and adds them to the end of the list when adding or removing unit prefixes.
  • Bugfix by
    Jeroen Wiert Pluimers
    for Add/Remove Unit Prefixes not catching generics.collections
  • Another improvement by Jeroen Wiert Pluimers to fix the case of the unit names to match the actual file names in the Add/Remove Unit Prefixes functioality.
  • Some internal refactoring e.g. I got rid of the FParser field in TUsesManager because that field was only ever used in a single method

One last thing I always wondered about: Several Embarcadero employees are blogging regularly about what happened in other blogs and which tools were updated. My posts about GExperts releases were only mentioned once but usually ignored. So I wonder whether this is somehow on purpose. Is it me? (I sometimes post quite critical things about Deplhi and Embarcadero on G+.) Is it GExperts? (It still supports old Delphi versions back to Delphi 6. I can understand that Embarcadero would like people to have yet another reason to upgrade to the latest and (in my opinion not always so) greatest Delphi version.)

Head over to the Experimental GExperts page to download the latest release.