GExperts 1.38 experimental twm 2016-09-18 released

Since apparently Erik needs more time for the official GExperts 1.39 release, here is another experimental test release. Please report any bugs you may find (preferentially in the GExperts community on Google+ or the bug tracker on SourceForge)

Again, I have built installers for each Delphi version. These installers should install everything that is necessary, including the files for the Code Formatter.

Apart from several bugfixes I have added three new experts:

  • There is the Warn Directives Expert which allows you to select a warn directive like SYMBOL_PLATFORM and insert it as {$WARN SYMBOL_PLATFORM OFF}, {$WARN SYMBOL_PLATFORM ON}, {$WARN SYMBOL_PLATFORM DEFAULT} or {$WARN SYMBOL_PLATFORM ERROR}.
  • Then there is the IfDEF Expert which alows you to insert various IFDEF, IF or IFOPT directives. It automatically scans for include files in the current unit and offers the conditional defines from there as well. You can also add another include file from the search path and if you add directives for conditional defines from it, the expert will automatically add an {$I <filename>} directive to the unit.
  • And last but not least there is the Add to Formatter Capitalization Expert which allows you to add the current identifier to the code formatter’s captitalization file without clicking your way through the various configuration dialog levels.

GExperts IFDEF Expert

Head over to the Experimental GExperts page to download it.