GExperts 1.38 experimental twm 2016-06-05

NOTE: The GExperts homepage is linking here, but this is not the latest release. See the experimental GExperts version page instead.

This is another test release before Erik is going to do an official 1.39 release. Please report any bugs you may find (preferentially in the GExperts community on Google+ or the bug tracker on SourceForge)

Again, I have built installers for each Delphi version. These installers should install everything that is necessary, including the files for the Code Formatter.

Erik and I fixed various bugs and added a few minor features:

  • The Backup Project Expert now uses the current project name for the ZIP file (contributed by xander xiao)
  • Again the Backup Project Expert now has an option to recourse into subdirectories, optionally ignoring __history and __restore, and can ignore backup files (*.~*). Also it ignores .svn, .git and .hg subdirs.
  • The preview in the Code Formatter configuration dialog now uses SynEdit for syntax highlighting
  • The To Do Expert now reads the numeric todo priority (e.g. specified in the Delphi Edit-Todo dialog). We no longer need the “todo 1” .. “todo 5” tokens.
  • The Editor Popup Menu configuration dialog no longer allows duplicates (contributed by Achim Kalwa)
  • Yet another unicode bug was fixed, this time in the Macro Templates Expert (contributed by Denis Bisson)
  • There is now a stand alone version of the PE Information Expert which, as all the existing stand alone versions of experts requires the GExperts DLL. It can be called with a filename as parameter and also supports drag & drop.

Since everybody and his brother appears to still download this ancient version because linked here and I had download links on this page, I have now removed these links.

Please go to the main Experimental GExperts page for the download links. If you insist in having the 2016-06-05 version, you can download it there too.