Automated builds – DIY

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Nov 182012

 I am a fan of automated builds. I know there are lots of great tools for doing that (e.g. FinalBuilder is mentioned every time this topic comes up in the forums) but since I don’t want to pay money for it just to use in my open source projects, I rolled my own.

The result is a collection of buildtools which I host on SourceForge so I can easily add them as an external to my open source projects.

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dzlib, my very own utility library

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Nov 182012

I am probably not the only one who has built his own utility library over the years. Mine is – of course – special because it is superior to all others. 😉

Just in case, somebody else is interested in it, I have put it under the MPL and hosted it on sourceforge. It now has its own dzlib page here

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