Experimental GExperts Version 1.37-2012-11-04 released

 IMPORTANT: This version has a bug that results in uncompilable code under some circumstances.

I don’t know why nobody reported this, but the October release did not work at all with Delphi XE3 but crashed the IDE. The reason were two problems:

  • Embarcadero changed some properties of TCustomAction to have a setter method which resulted in e.g. inherited Caption := value; to recursively call itself. This then led to a stack overflow.
  • Unfortunately even after fixing this another problem with the key bindings being registered twice resulted in an exception during the IDE startup.

Thanks go to Daniela Osterhagen who debugged these issues and sent me patches.

Another contributor to this release is Jens Borrisholt who sent me code for formatting some more of the “new” language constructs that were added to Delphi since version 2009.

All my existing unit tests still work, but that does not mean that there are no bugs. If you find any issues, please send me a bug report and attach a source file that contains the formatting you expected. That file should be a compilable Delphi unit, not just a class declaration.

Head over to the Experimental GExperts page to download the new version.