GExperts 1.3.22 experimental twm 2023-03-25 released

The new GExperts version still supports all Delphi versions back to Delphi 6 (with the notable exception of Delphi 8) and even the Delphi 11 version is no longer in Beta state.

There are even a few new features:

  • Fast add mode for the Uses Clause Manager is back.
  • Uses Clause Manager: Units “System” and “SysInit” and those already in the uses list are marked with strike through font.
  • New functionality to import the favourites from the Wuppdi Welcome Page
  • Form Hotkeys expert now allows assigning hotkeys.
  • For the Edit Path expert one can now select the default platform / configuration to edit
  • Grep no longer stops when it encounters an error (e.g. a file cannot be found or opened).
  • The Expert manager can now change the order in which the experts are being loaded.
  • A non feature: The Goto Previous/Next Modifications editor experts were removed because they caused more trouble than they were worth.

Several of those were contributed by GExperts users. Thanks a lot guys (and one girl).

And of course a few bug fixes.

I took a long time for this release because there was a show stopper bug with Delphi 11: Sometimes the code formatter simply didn’t do anything. There is now a workaround for this problem so it should be fixed.

As always: Report and any bugs you find (or contribute bug fixes) and also file feature requests or maybe even contribute implementations for these features.

Head over to the GExperts download page to get it.

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