Drag and Drop from the GExperts Grep Results

Another episode from the series “GExperts features that I didn’t know about”:

It’s possible to drag an entry from the GExperts Grep to any other Windows program, e.g. to the Explorer, which will copy that file to the directory it was dragged to, or to an editor which will open that file.

I just now found out about this because I wondered why it was using Anders Melander’s DropSource unit (version 3.6 from 1999, maybe I should have a look if an update is possible).

Btw: I’m about to make the stand alone Grep tool a real stand alone executable that does not require the GExperts DLL (and its package dependencies). The reason is that I can’t find the cause for an Access Violation that happens in the Delphi 10.4 and 11 DLLs when opening the Grep window from an external program. It’s somewhere in the OnCreate event handler of TDockableForm, for which the source code is not available, so it’s difficult to debug.