Registration problems in Delphi Praxis solved

There was a technical problem with the software of the international Delphi Praxis forum which prevented many new user registrations. This has now been solved, so creating new user accounts should be possible again.

Here is Daniel’s announcement:

We have solved a technical problem which was due to a misconfiguration of the software. Some – but not all – newly created user accounts were not activated, but intended for manual activation by the admin. Unfortunately, there was no notification and since not all accounts were affected, there were indeed constant new registrations. This way, this bug could remain undetected for too long.

I am very sorry for those who waited in vain for an activation.

Unfortunately, in the queue of accounts that have not been activated, in addition to regular users, you will also find the usual amount of spam bots that every forum has to deal with. Separating these groups cleanly from each other and manually activating only the real users is unfortunately an impossibility.

With this in mind, I made the hard decision to remove all queued accounts. The way is now free for new registrations and I would like to ask all interested people to register again. At the same time I apologize for the double effort.

Verification is now done – as usual with most forums – via an email containing a confirmation link.

See you there.