GExperts 1.3.18 experimental twm 2021-02-21 released

COVID-19 got us all down a bit and even with the vaccines theoretically available now, the light at the end of the tunnel seems very far away. My own turn for a jab will probably not come before fall 2021, so I can only hope that summer will reduce the infection rates as much as it did last year, but the new mutants that spread around the world definitely aren’t good news.

Maybe I can lighten up your mood a bit with a new GExperts release.

There are a few bug fixes and an also a few new features in the new version, but nothing really exciting.

The “major” new feature is the Explicit Properties Filter expert. This was the one functionality I missed most when Andreas Hausladen did not update his ddevextensions for Delphi 10.4. But did you know that Andreas has now open sourced this plugin?

There is also a small speed improvement in the Project Option Sets expert.

I hope this time the installers won’t be wrongly detected as malware by virus scanners. Sorry about that.

Please note that GExperts for Delphi 10.4 requires Update 1!

The new version is available for download on the GExperts download page.

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