Sie wollen mich einstellen?

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Jan 272019

Derzeit habe ich eine unbefristete Vollzeitstelle (40h) als Leiter der Softwareentwicklung bei der TÜV Rheinland Schniering GmbH. Ich bin damit ganz zufrieden und suche nicht aktiv nach einer neuen Stelle.

Da ich aber immer wieder mal gefragt werde, ob ich an einem Angebot Interesse habe, stelle ich hier auf, was man mir bieten müsste, damit ich über einen Wechsel nachdenke.

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RDP Wrapper Library

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Jan 272019

I need to check this out:

The goal of the RDP Wrapper Library project is to enable Remote Desktop Host support and concurrent RDP sessions on reduced functionality systems for home usage.

RDP Wrapper works as a layer between Service Control Manager and Terminal Services, so the original termsrv.dll file remains untouched. Also this method is very strong against Windows Update.

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DeltaChat Messenger

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Jan 272019

DeltaChat is a messenger that uses email as the transport medium, so potentially almost everybody already has an account for it. Today, they announced a new release, not only for the existing Android app but also for Desktop (Mac and Linux only so far) and iOS.

I think that is a very interesting project since it does not require yet another central server. It also supports encryption using the Autocrypt Level 1 standard, if both ends use DeltaChat. It is possible to use the same protocol (but without encryption) between DeltaChat and a regular email program.

In my tests with the older Android release it worked well. I created a new email address specifically for DeltaChat. That’s what I would suggest to everybody who wants to use it. I plan to replace Google Hangouts with DeltaChat when Hangouts gets shut down later this year. But I would need a Windows client first.

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