dzComputerInfo tool

A few days ago I was working in one of our measurement vehicles and found, that I couldn’t for the life of me tell, which of the 3 computers (soon to become 4) was selected on the KVM switch. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and my colleagues have the same problem. We tried to solve this with custom background pictures and colours, but these have a tendency to get lost due to bugs in Windows, or operators who don’t like them. Also, they are only visible on the desktop background and any application windows will obscure them.

Up to Windows XP, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del used to bring up a window displaying computer name and logged on user, but since Windows 7 that useful information has been replaced by a full screen menu without any information on it.

Enter dzComputerInfo. It’s a small tool that I wrote the evening after the above incident which does exactly one thing: It shows a window on top of all other windows displaying the computer name and currently logged on user. Since the window is so small and it places itself automatically just above the start button, it does not really become a nuisance.

The tool and the source code is available from sourceforge, if anybody else thinks he has a use for it.

(That start button is from Classic Shell btw.)