Placing a bookmark in an Excel spreadsheet and jumping to it

Many programs have got a bookmarking functionality that allow you to place a bookmark (optionally give it a name) at a given position. You can then later use that bookmark to jump to that previously marked position.

In Excel, a “bookmark” is synonymous to a hyper-link, but that’s not what I want, but the same functionality can be achieved by recording a macro:

  1. Select Tools -> Macro -> Record new Macro
  2. Give it a name and optionally a keyboard shortcut
  3. Click on the cell you want to bookmark
  4. Stop recording the macro

That’s it, now you have a macro that jumps to the cell you selected.

Now, if I just could simply press Ctrl+k+<number> to place a bookmark and Ctrl+q+<number> to jump to it.

Alternatively you can give that cell a name:

  1. Select the cell you want to bookmark
  2. Click into the “Name Box” (the box that usually displays the cell’s column and row)
  3. Type a custom name for the cell

That’s it, you can now jump to that cell by selecting it from the list that drops down when you click on the down arrow to the right of the name box.

Both methods also work for an area not just a single cell.